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When I started blogging I had minimal knowledge of SEO (search engine optimisation), in fact, I started out not knowing how important SEO was and spent hours looking at SEO tips for bloggers. Over the years I have picked up a few tips and tricks and I now implement good SEO practices throughout my blog. This has helped me increase my blog stats, reach and ranking which is all very important in the world of blogging.

Learning SEO can seem overwhelming to start with but it’s not as difficult as it may seem and the more you implement it on your blog the quicker it will become second nature.

If you’re new to blogging and you’re not sure where to start then you might find the below SEO tips helpful, you could also consider hiring an SEO agency such as to help.

Your own domain

If you want to build your online presence and create a recognisable brand then your own domain is essential. Not only is it easier for people to remember but you will be able to build up your domain rating which will help your blog grow and open up opportunities to work with brands and clients. Your own domain also makes you look more professional and dedicated to your blog/brand.

Install Yoast SEO

If you’re running your blog through WordPress then I would highly recommend installing the Yoast SEO plugin. This will help you ensure your posts are SEO optimised by telling you where you can improve your posts. It uses a traffic light system, red = not seo optimised, amber = needs improvements and green = SEO optimised. It’s a really easy system to understand, I only wish I knew about it when I first started blogging.

Research keywords

I’ll admit that I find keywords the hardest part of SEO optimisation and it’s something I continue to try to understand and improve. When you write a blog post you want to find out what keywords people would search in order to find the post you’re writing and then include those keywords in your title, image and post. For example, for this post, I am using the keywords SEO for bloggers which is relevant to the post I am writing and is what people would search in order to find similar posts.

Utilise your title

Your blog title should tell any potential reader what your post is about, it should grab their attention and also contain the keywords for your post. Your title and your post URL can be different, usually, your title will be longer and more detailed whereas your post URL will be shorter and optimised for SEO using your keywords.

Ideal blog post length

This is somewhat of a hotly disputed topic but as a minimum, you should have 300 words in each post because this will help the post rank better in search engines. Longer posts rank better but this is where differing opinions come in, some people recommend a maximum of 500 words, whereas others will say the ideal length is between 300-800 words.

The main thing is to ensure your post reaches a minimum of 300 words and is easy for readers to follow. If you find yourself writing a long post why not break it down into smaller posts, you could even turn it into a mini-series.

Image optimisation

Images are often overlooked when it comes to optimisation but they play an important role on your blog and they should be optimised along with your blog post. This should start with naming your image using the keywords relating to your post, you should also add alt details and a description to your image. The alt tag is especially important because it gives a description of the image to visually impaired people who are browsing your blog using a screen reader.

Internal Linking

You might be aware that adding relevant and high-quality external links are important but did you know it’s important to add internal links to your blog posts?

Adding internal links not only helps improve your blog SEO but it will help your readers find other relevant content which means they will stay on your site for longer and you will receive more pages views – all good things!

Guest posting/link building

A great way to increase your ranking and get more views in the process is to collaborate with other bloggers and receive a link from them to your website. You can do this by creating a post together, listing fellow bloggers on a ‘bloggers I love page’ or you could write a guest post for a fellow blogger to publish on their blog where you will receive a link. When bloggers link to your blog this will improve your blog ranking and domain authority, it will also raise your profile and bring in readers from those blogs.

I hope you have found the above tips useful, it’s a big learning curve but I promise you it does get easier. I have a whole section on blogging tips if you would like more tips on all things blogging.

If you have any tips or questions I would love to hear them below.

*This is a collaborative post

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