We all have certain topics we don’t like to talk about, sex, money and death being among some of the topics we don’t like to discuss. WHICH? Wills recently commissioned new research that highlights the taboo and unmentionable topics that we don’t like discussing with family and friends.

My taboo subject is death. It’s something I don’t like talking or even thinking about, nobody wants to think about a time when their family and friends aren’t around. Recently the subject came up when my dad bought a new house and was discussing wills with my sister. I actually said, “okay, let’s stop talking about this now.” It’s a subject I don’t like at all. I would much rather push any thought of it to the back of my mind and live in blissful ignorance.

That doesn’t mean I’m ignorant to the fact that it’s inevitable and that having a will is sensible, but writing a will is a decision that many of us find difficult. I just don’t think it’s a subject I will ever be that happy to discuss when it means I have to think about the people I love no longer being around.

I would love to know what your taboo subject is?

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