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Making the decision to remodel your home, be it a few months after moving in or once a few years has passed is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. According to interior design bibles like Wallpaper Magazine, House and Garden and Good Housekeeping two of the most popular rooms, other than bedrooms, to get regular renovations are bathrooms and kitchens. We are effortlessly swayed by new design trends, rainforest head showers, sleek monochrome splash backs and stunning skirting board spotlights. However, if you’re taking the plunge and planning a spectacular remodel there are a few things to note.

Don’t Forget What It’s For

Sometimes we get so caught up in having designer countertops, feature walls and authentic fixtures and fittings that we forget what this room’s for. Primarily the kitchen should be seen as a gathering place, where people come together to share stories and enjoy delicious meals. However, it still needs to be an adaptable, welcoming room with plenty of practical extras like long countertops, a decent work table, and cupboards you can open. Think about what’s known as the ‘kitchen triangle’ i.e., the fridge, oven/stove and sink as they make up the heaviest area for foot traffic in the entire room.

Lights Set The Scene

Imagine coming home to an immaculate house, a decorated dining table and a succulent joint roasting in the oven. There are fresh flowers, soft music playing on the stereo and votive candles. Wandering into the kitchen, you find a bottle of red wine resting while the kitchen lights cast a soft, pleasing amber glow. Now imagine the same scene under the harsh, clinical glare of white lights. Not quite the same is it? Don’t underestimate the effect the right lighting can have in a room, kitchen lighting options are now limitless and help to brighten up key areas, highlight focal points and create a charming, homely atmosphere.

Installing A Kitchen Isn’t Easy

While there are plenty of tasks that even newbie DIYers could tackle installing kitchens should be left to the experts. Kitchen drawers, cupboards, and white goods aren’t easy to align while kitchen floors are notoriously difficult. The last thing you want to is pay an exorbitant amount for a kitchen, have problems installing everything yourself and regret not hiring a professional firm in the first place. Plumbing is complicated so connecting a Compact Kitchen Sink can throw up unexpected problems, plus you don’t want to waste your warranty before you’ve even cooked your first meal!

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Don’t Skimp On Storage

In order to have smooth, glossy surfaces, empty tables, and bright worktops you’ll need to store all that kitchenware somewhere. While larders and pantries are incredibly useful, not all properties have them so you’re going to need to think about how many drawers, units, cupboards, and worktops you’ll need. Don’t skimp on space, these days we’re using innovative pop-up spice racks, sliding shelves and even under table storage boxes. Cookware is bright, beautiful but mostly big so you definitely need a few large cupboards to store all those pots and pans. Speak to your designer about removable shelves, built in wire baskets, and pull out oven stands.

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