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Summer holidays are fantastic. They are a great way to chill out, top up your tan and recharge your batteries. But, there is one problem, and that is you can only fit so much in your case, which makes looking stylish tricky.

Fortunately, it is not hard to deal with this issue. All you need to do is to follow these simple summer holiday styling tips.

Buy beachwear you feel confident in

Most of us love to spend time on the beach, which means buying the right swimwear is essential. It is important to wear something that you feel comfortable in rather than follow the latest style trend. Not everyone looks good in the string bikinis that are so popular this year.

You can buy fantastic looking summer swimwear from JD Williams. This retailer sells bikinis, one-pieces, tankinis and other styles of swimwear in sizes from 10 to 38, making it is really easy to find something that flatters your figure, and gives you the confidence to hit the beach.

Buy mix and match outfits

Given that space is limited, it is really important to put together outfits that are easy to mix and match. Try to stick to colours and shades that complement each other. That way you will be able to wear several different tops with the skirt, trousers or jeans that you pack. Taking this approach will save space, and give you more outfit choices.

Whenever possible, pack items of clothing that can be worn in more than one way. For example, a large sarong can be worn on the beach to cover up if it gets a bit breezy, as a skirt, or as a scarf.

Simplify your beauty routine

Makeup, skincare and hair care products and equipment take up a lot of space in a case, and eat into the weight allowance. Try to follow a simplified beauty routine while you are on holiday. Perhaps choose a hairstyle that does not require you to use hair straighteners or tongs, and try to wear less makeup.

If you really need to use hair care accessories and are travelling with friends try to share items like straighteners and hairdryers. That way each of you will only have to pack one of these heavy, and bulky, items in your case.

Shop early and try everything on 

Try to get all of your holiday outfit shopping done a few weeks before you are due to travel. This gives you time to try everything on, and make sure that it all fits together well. That way if you suddenly realise that your beach dress is not really suitable for wearing in the evening you can buy another outfit.

Use a packing list 

To make sure that you have everything you need to complete each of your outfits it is well worth taking the time to write out a comprehensive packing list. That way you can ensure you pack the right pieces of costume jewellery, scarves and shoes with you for each outfit.

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