If you have found yourself reading this post then chances are you suffer from migraines or know someone who does. Migraines are awful and although there are a number of treatments to help relieve symptoms, there’s no cure. Unlike a ‘normal’ headache, a migraine is classed as a severe headache but can also be accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light or sound.

Migraines are unique to each sufferer and symptoms, severity and length of a migraine all vary from person to person. Some people can suffer regularly and have several migraines a week which can last for days at a time, whilst other sufferers can have months between attacks. Unlike a headache which usually goes away quickly with painkillers and has minimum impact on lifestyle, migraines can be debilitating and can result in people having to change their lifestyle and even lose their jobs due to time off sick if attacks are frequent.

Today I am sharing some simple ways you can try to treat and relieve your migraine symptoms.

Stop it before it starts

On occasions, it might be possible to stop a migraine from progressing if you catch it early enough. This also depends on what is causing the migraine to come on, if you can remove yourself from the situation that is causing your migraines then you might be able to stop it before it gets worse. For example, if you find bright lighting can trigger a migraine and you feel the start of one, then moving to a dimly lit or dark room could help relieve your symptoms and in some instances stop a migraine.

The main thing here is understanding what triggers your migraines. If you can pinpoint that you should have a better chance of avoiding the trigger and being migraine free.


For some people who suffer from migraines medication is needed, not only to relieve the pain of a migraine but some medications if taken at the onset of a migraine can stop them from progressing. Over the counter painkillers can be used to help relieve migraines although they don’t work for everyone and sometimes stronger medication is necessary. If you’re looking for migraine relief, The Independent Pharmacy has a section specifically for migraines.

Always speak to your GP before trying any new treatments or medication to ensure they are suitable and so your doctor can track any improvements.


If you want to give an alternative therapy a try then acupuncture might be a good place to start. Clinical trials have show acupuncture might help relieve headaches. A trained professional will insert very thin needles into pressure points on your body which are said to help relieve migraines.

Old wives tale or a modern day cure?

I wasn’t going to include this but I have heard some people saying it has helped, so I thought I would mention it and leave it up to you whether you think it’s an old wives tale, a placebo or a genuine way to relieve the symptoms of a migraine.

For the last couple of years, word has been spreading about a piercing that people state is helping relieve their migraine symptoms, yes really! The piercing is in the inner ear and is called a Daith piercing. It’s a popular piercing, even without the promise of migraine relief. Now don’t get too excited because there’s no conclusive evidence that it can help, no studies have been conducted on the matter but the fact that many people say it helps is promising.

Explore your options

If you want to explore any treatments for migraines it’s important to speak to your GP so they can help find the best course of treatment that’s most likely to work and also make sure you stay healthy whilst trying to relieve your migraine symptoms. Don’t suffer in silence. Migrains can have a huge impact on your life, speak to your GP if you are struggling to manage your migraines.

Do you suffer from migraines? What helps relieve your symptoms?

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