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Simple Ways To Transform Your Bathroom Into A Serene Spa

Bathrooms have come a long way since the avocado green suites that were once high fashion (who’s idea was that?!). Bathrooms are becoming a luxurious room where relaxation and pampering are enjoyed. We all live busy lives which means taking time out to relax and recharge is essential, and this has resulted in the trend of turning our bathrooms into mini spa’s, complete with stylish decor, spa style accessories and mini pampering sessions.

If you want to transform your bathroom and create a luxurious space for you and your family to enjoy, it doesn’t have to cost the earth. You could go to a specialist such as Big Bathroom Shop and buy items to create a serene space, you could revamp your existing items to create a bespoke bathroom or you could simply update a few small areas to give your bathroom a new lease of life. I have listed some simple ways to transform your bathroom into a serene spa below, you’ll be surprised at how a few small additions can change the whole look and feel of your room.

Install a heated towel rail

There’s something luxurious about a heated towel rail which is why they’re popping up in bathrooms everywhere. You can choose from different sizes and colours, including silver, white, brushed aluminium, steel and much more. Designs vary too and depending on which colour and design you choose you can purchase a heated towel rail for a very reasonable price. They’re also easy to install which means you can do it yourself if your a dab hand at DIY. And who doesn’t want to come out of a relaxing bath and wrap yourself in a warm towel?!

Revamp your tiles

If you have tiles in your bathroom (most of us do), then why not update your tiles and give your bathroom a new look. If you’re not an expert tiler then don’t worry, there’s a little hack which will have your bathroom looking amazing without even picking up a trowel. Tile transfers are a quick, easy and cheap solution to changing the look of your bathroom tiles. Simply peel and stick your transfer onto your tile – it’s that simple! You could use transfers on all of your existing tiles or simply add a few patterned transfers to add a subtle but stylish look to your old tiles.


A few well-placed accessories can add a touch of elegance and style to a room for minimal cost. A few accessories to consider if you want a spa style bathroom is a couple of candles to set the mood, a tub tray to present your pampering goodies, a crisp white towel and a playlist with relaxing spa sounds (there really is such a thing).


The colour of your bathroom can make a huge difference to how relaxing and calming it is. A dark colour could reduce light and make you feel tired or unhappy and a white room can look clinical and stark. Ideally, you want to choose a colour which is light & airy, calming and a colour you like. Soft greens and blues are a sure bet when it comes to creating a tranquil feel.

Massage shower head

If you don’t have the luxury of time and tend to grab a shower rather than a bath you can still enjoy the home spa feel. Why not invest in a massage shower head which not only creates the look of an expensive spa but will feel like one too. Massage shower heads are an affordable choice when it comes to style and functionality.

How do you like to pamper yourself?

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