Simplifying Your Style: 5 Work Outfits For Women That Suit Both Office & Social Life

How you dress for work, interviews and any other professional environment is a problem that the majority of people encounter frequently. Your level of professionalism is often judged by how well you present yourself and, as such, it can be a headache deciding if something is too casual, too elegant, too bright, or sending the wrong message in any other way.

Throw in the factors of life outside of work and it can get incredibly complicated managing your attire. If you want to incorporate other activities into your daily routine, from sport to social life, without heading home first, you end up stressing over how to accomplish it.

One way to make this easier is to find the right outfits that are just as easily worn to social events as they are to work. There are thousands of work outfits for women out there, but which can be worn to both work and play?

Here we take you through five versatile outfits that will kill two birds with one stone and all the while make sure you look fit for the occasion…

Outfit #1 – The Savvy Silk Sheath Dress

A definite all-round winner is the silk sheath dress. One of the most multi-functional yet stunning options out there, we firmly believe that it is one of those dresses you can wear just about anywhere. With the fine silk-cut sleeves, you can wear the silk sheath dress to work looking like a sophisticated businesswoman, and yet rock up to a date or drinks with your friends looking modest and elegant.

It is the right fit to pull off both smart and casual and can be tipped either way with accompanying accessories. A change of bag, for example, can add just that little bit more if needed. A crossbody handbag can look more casual for those evening drinks, while a pouch bag might just spice it up for the more formal event.

For us, the silk sheath dress is a truly empowering outfit that makes you look calm and collected. It is comfortable and one that can also be pulled off in bright colours!


Outfit #2 – The Unbeatable Blazer and Shirt Combo

You just can’t contradict somebody in a blazer, can you? We love them. They’re smart and sophisticated but comfortable, and you really feel like you’re on a mission when you wear them.

Blazers are one of those items that you can never look underdressed in, whenever and wherever you wear them. That means, however, that they need to be chosen carefully to not look too suited and booted.
Neutral and pastel toned blazers as seen below are the best for versatility. Anything too dark or pinstriped might look a little too formal, but a plain and subtle blazer in an appealing colour looks smart and sensible, while still appropriate for out-of-work shenanigans.

A nice shirt underneath always adds a touch of formality, but it is the blazer that does the talking. You can always wear a shirt underneath that can be worn to the social event or otherwise pack a spare t-shirt in your bag to add that little bit of casualness. A simple patterned t-shirt worn under a blazer oozes coolness if your after-work play is one where you want to look cool and chic.


Outfit #3 – The Timeless Audrey Hepburn Dress

Now, I think you’ll admit that this one’s a bit of a classic. Audrey sure knew what she was doing and went down as one of the most famous style icons in history.

Little black Audrey Hepburn-inspired dresses are both timeless and multi-functional. As a little black dress, it is both modest and elegant without making too much of a statement. Nobody can judge you poorly if you’re wearing all black; it’s a smart colour and is well-documented for being a colour symbolic of intelligence and confidence.

Black attire is always a safe bet for the office, then, but the little black Hepburn dress is the right shape and size to be worn outside of work, too. As a dress that is not too lively, you are free to accessorise with whatever you please. Jewellery, coloured scarves, bright heels; it’s up to you.


Outfit #4 – The Short-Sleeved Shirt

This one depends quite a lot on your workplace, but it is a popular choice amongst workplaces that aren’t strict on suited and booted employees, while still encouraging punctuality.

Worn alongside a skirt, a short sleeve shirt is a particularly comfortable and respectable outfit. It is the right level of presentability when supported by a dark skirt, but can also be unbuttoned and untucked to be worn in a more casual manner.


Outfit #5 – The Peplum Dress

Perhaps the smartest of the bunch, we are firm supporters of the peplum dress. As a tight fitting dress with medium-length sleeves, the peplum dress is an ideal workspace outfit. Yet, the midriff is flamboyant enough to add character and charm.

A good peplum dress is one of those outfits that does the job wherever it is worn. Accompanied with a crossbody handbag, you can look sharp and confident for social events, while opting for a clutch bag means you can just as effectively blend in at a wedding or make a statement on a date.

The Peplum Dress is also a known favourite of Kate Middleton, somebody quite well known for her smart and chic outfits!


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