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Slimavite – Week 1

I have been on the Slimavite diet for a week now, how time flies.
I have found the shakes are quick and easy to make which is great as if I’m in a hurry I can make it quickly and put it into a bottle to take with me. The shaker is easy to clean out and dry which is also a bonus.
I have been alternating between having a shake for breakfast and lunch to having a shake for breakfast and dinner that way I am having a different meal each day and it’s a bit different.
My main form of exercise in the last week has been walking. Our town centre is around a 10 minutes walk away and I tend to go to town a couple of times a week. I also went to our local church with my nephew on Saturday, it should have been a 10 minute walk there and back however we got lost and it took us an hour and a half!
The good news is I have lost 5lbs since I started the Slimavite!
This week I will be re-starting my fitness DVD the 30 Day Shred. I really enjoy this dvd and as it’s only 25 minutes long I can always find time in the day to fit it in.
Since I’ve started dieting in July I have lost over 20lbs. I don’t feel like I have lost that much, I can however see a big difference in photographs. I would highly recommend taking a photo when you start dieting as even if you don’t think there is a difference there will be and this way you will see it and it will keep you motivated!
Week 1
Weight lost: 5lbs
* I have been given the shakes free of charge. All views and opinion are my own. I have not been asked to include anything in these posts.


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