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Slimavite – Week 2

It is my second week of the Slimavite Bite Plan!

I have found this week harder than last week, I think that’s because I have been busier than usually and a little bit more stressed than normal. Also there seems to be an abundance of sweets and cakes which isn’t helping my cravings.

I did have a day off the diet which I’m disappointed with however I didn’t completely give up and started fresh the next day.

My aim this week is to use the resources available on the Slimavite website more. There is a big recipe section on the website which I am going to be taking advantage of this week and mix up my meals a bit. There is also a lot of support available on the Slimavite Facebook and Twitter page also.

I have lost 2lbs this week bringing my total weight loss to 7lbs which is amazing! I am over the moon and If I hit 2lbs again this week I will be more than happy.

So this is my last week of the 3 week plan and I’m looking forward to the end result and to find out how much weight I have lost in total.

Week 1
Weight lost: 5lbs
Week 2
Weight lost: 2lbs
Total weight loss: 7lbs

At the end of the 3 weeks I will do a blog piece explaining the ins and outs of the Bite Plan, until then I hope your enjoying following my weight loss journey.

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