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Why do our children love arcade games so much? From the local Chuck E. Cheese’s to the App Store, arcade games are full of action. They’re often very easy to learn, yet they get tougher as players progress. These days, I find that my children are spending more time playing games at home, either on their tablets or the computer. Flip Diving is a new arcade sports game on Poki, and it’s already the top-downloaded app in over 50 countries. It’s fun, fairly educational, and safe for kids to enjoy.

Flip Diving is heralded as “The World’s #1 Cliff-Diving Game.” I’m inclined to agree. All of the fun can be had with just one button. Players can click (or touch the screen) to set a jump angle, and then release to dive. During flight, that same button turns into the trick control, allowing players to flip, spin, and straighten out before entering the water. That’s all there is to it—one-button for jumping, performing tricks, and actually diving. This simplicity allows absolutely anyone to play, from a savvy adult gamer to a 3-year-old (and everyone in between).


Flip Diving is chock-full of amusing characters and levels. Upon starting the game, players will control “The Diver,” a regular guy with average skills. The first diving location is Cliffside, which is exactly what it sounds like: the side of a cliff. At Cliffside, gamers can leap from four different peaks. This is a great element that gives extra value to each location. Instead of having just one jumping point, there are multiple ledges for different challenges (e.g. higher spots have more obstacles below). After completing an entire round of dives, the landing zone will shrink, daring players to replay the same dives with a smaller target.

Additional locations include the Lighthouse, Millionaire’s Pool, and the Castle. Each environment must be played in a different way. For instance, at Millionaire’s Pool, divers must account for the wind when leaping from swaying palm trees. This variability makes certain locations harder (and/or potentially more fun) than others. My children love unlocking new locations, because the new elements make the game feel completely fresh again.

The extra characters in Flip Diving are just as amusing and different from one another. Big Dave’s tagline is “Bigger stomach, bigger splash!” There’s also a bodybuilder who dives while holding dumbbells, changing the way he rotates in the air. Other silly characters include Karate Diver and Holiday Diver, both of whom have unique moves.

I did mention an educational component, and that’s because this awesome game has something to teach. Firstly, the divers exhibit ragdoll physics. When flipping and falling from the sky, characters gain momentum. Their shape upon entry into the water (perfect dive or misguided bellyflop?) affects the splash size. Plus, players can learn about every trick in the game. The Trick Selection Guide clearly and thoroughly explains how each maneuver works. When your kids understand the difference between a Frontflip Pike and a Reverse Russian Pike, they’ll be more prepared in the game and in the pool!

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