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Recently, my nephew has got me thinking about religion and spirituality. He has been learning about religion at school and has been full of questions and stories on the subject. It’s a topic I enjoy discussing as I find all the different beliefs and ideas really interesting.

As a child I went to church regularly and my sister was baptised, I wasn’t baptised as I didn’t ask and my parents wanted it to be my decision which I think is the right thing to do. In the end I didn’t ask to be baptised and as I got older I moved away from attending church and haven’t been in years.

I know this might sound strange but I can’t make a decision on whether I believe in god or not, I’m just not sure. What I do believe is that there is something else out there, this can’t just be it. I believe in life after death, that we move forward in some way whether it be coming back to Earth as someone or something else or whether we move on to somewhere different. I do think perhaps we have a lesson to learn in life and depending on whether we learn it or not we move forward or have to come back until we learn it.

Something else that reaffirms my belief in spirituality and life after death is the fact that when I was very small I told my mum I used to be a man who drove a tractor. Now is that a child’s overactive imagination… possibly, or could it be that I was a man and drove a tractor in a past life…

I could talk about this subject all day long. Everyone has a different opinion and belief and that’s why I find it so interesting, it’s a never ending subject because the reality is nobody knows.

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