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Seasonal hampers/gift baskets are becoming increasingly popular for the festive holidays. I have seen hampers for Easter, Christmas and more recently Halloween. I thought this year I would put one together for my nephew who loves Halloween and include a selection of items I knew he would love!

Making the hamper is easy, you can use a wicker basket or an old box which you can decorate with Halloween paper and fill it with Halloween themed goodies, I included the following in Maxx’s hamper:

Clown Halloween costume

This year Maxx asked to be a clown, this is definitely a different choice of costume and not one I would have thought of but he set his heart on it. A clown costume was pretty hard to source but thankfully Peacocks came to the rescue with the great clown costume (pictured below), the costume also came with a combination mask and colourful wig. The clown costumes is fantastic quality. I was really impressed that it came with the hoop in the outfit, it gives it that authentic clown look which costumes that are double the price don’t offer.  It’s priced at just £12 which I thought was a bargain for such a well-made costume and I know he will get a lot of wear out of.

Playmobil light up ghost

Ghosts and Halloween go hand in hand so when I saw this really friendly looking light up ghost from Playmobil, I knew Maxx would love it. It’s a great individual toy but can also be played with as part of the Playmobil Knights range. The ghost changes colours and is a really cute Halloween themed gift. It’s great for little ones who like to have a light on at bedtime.

Personalised Halloween book

I love personalised books so was excited to include this really cute personalised Halloween book in the hamper. The story is personalised to include the child’s name, you can also include a personal message at the start of the book. The idea behind the book is to teach children that Halloween doesn’t need to be scary and that although things can look strange they can also be friendly. The book can be bought from Born Gifted and is priced at just £9.99.

Scooby Doo DVD’s

There’s a whole week off from school before Halloween so I included two DVD’s which Maxx can enjoy during the holidays. Scooby Doo is the perfect children’s spooky DVD as it’s spooky and fun in a child-friendly way. I picked up both of the DVD’s last year and they were reduced to just 50p each. 

Baker Ross Halloween crafts

If you put together a hamper for your little one craft items are definitely a great item to include. You can pick craft items up easily and depending on where you buy the items they can be relatively inexpensive too. I included a fun Top Hat Craft Kit and Halloween themed stickers in the hamper so Maxx can make a spooky Halloween hat during the half term break. Both items totalled just over £5 and the hat set is a pack of three so you can save the others for Christmas and other festive occasions. The craft items were from arts & crafts specialists Baker Ross

A selection of spooky sweets

There are a lot of Halloween themed treats on offer during this spooky time of year. I picked up a packet of large eyeballs, small eyeballs and a chocolate skull lollipop in my local Co-op, you can pick up similar items in other supermarkets and smaller shops. Poundland has a fantastic range of Halloween treats this year so definitely have a look in store if you get the chance.

Light up skeleton wand

I picked this up in our local pound shop for… you guessed it £1! I think it was a bargain, it lights up and is great for little ones at night time if they are afraid of the dark. It’s also the perfect item to take out and about trick or treating to light the way in a suitably spooky fashion.

Pumpkin string lights

I included this set of adorable pumpkin shaped string lights in the hamper as they are incredibly cute and look great on a shelf in Maxx’s bedroom to light up the room at night. 

Halloween make-up

Children love dressing up and using face paints, at least in my experience! Depending on which brand you buy Halloween face paints/ makeup can be expensive so letting little ones loose with expensive products probably isn’t the best idea. Maxx loves being creative and using face paint but if he wants to use them I offer him the less expensive products and keep the others for Halloween day and other occasions when good face paint is needed. If you want to let your little one get creative but don’t want to spend a fortune you could pick up a similar set to the one I included in the hamper. It has everything in it to create lots of fun/spooky Halloween themed looks and is relatively inexpensive at just £2.49 from Home Bargains. 

Minion teddy

Soft toys are always a hit with little ones so adding a Halloween themed teddy to the hamper will always get a good response. I got the minion teddy earlier in the year when I was on holiday and kept it back to include in the hamper.

Halloween Hamper 3

I tried to include a variety or products in the hamper so there was a bit of everything Maxx loves. The hamper was a resounding success, he loved everything and has crafts, DVDs and toys to keep him entertained over the October holidays. 

Top tip: If you want to make an inexpensive Halloween hamper it’s all about being prepared and savvy. If you want to do a hamper next year head to town just after Halloween as this year’s items will be reduced to clear. You can usually pick items up for half their rrp or less and save them for using in next years Hamper. I have already picked up a cute Frankenstein teddy and outfit from the Bear Factory Outlet for just £3.60. 

Have you made a Halloween hamper this year or are you planning to make one?

Halloween Hamper

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