Sports Are for Everyone in Pelé: Soccer Legend


Soccer fans don’t need to hear anything other than “Pelé.” That name alone is good enough reason to play. But for those who aren’t familiar with the legendary Brazilian athlete, we’ll discuss more below. Pelé: Soccer Legend is a new game on Poki. It is a sports game, but it has the fast action of arcade titles and the addictive nature of puzzle kings. If you or your children love soccer, you’ll love this game. If you don’t like soccer, I have a hunch that you’ll still love this game.

The Legend [Text Wrapping Break]Pelé’s stats make him sound like a myth. He set countless records back in the mid-1900s. Most of his records are still intact today. That’s how great he was. The only three-time FIFA World Cup champion in history, Pelé was and still is a hero of Brazil. He dribbled past defenders with stunning moves, made tricky passes look effortless, and scored with style. In Pelé: Soccer Legend, you have access to his athletic prowess.

The Game[Text Wrapping Break]The goal is to score. That’s all there is to it…on the surface. Really, Pelé: Soccer Legend from Poki is filled with different scoring challenges. These include hitting goal benchmarks, matching point totals, and hitting small targets in the net. Unlike many other penalty-kick games, Pelé: Soccer Legend utilizes a realistic physics engine. Bright, polished 3D graphics complement the way the ball flies through the air. If you kick at an angle, the ball will spin realistically, ideally weaving around defenders and into the goal. There’s literally an infinite amount of ways to score. Sometimes, the best path to victory is with a straight shot. At other times, players might have to cleverly ricochet the ball off of a nearby building. The best scorers will combine intellect and physical skill, just like Pelé.

The Bonuses[Text Wrapping Break]Sometimes, we all need a little help. What good is a game without special power-ups? Pelé: Soccer Legend features five unique abilities that you’ll unlock as you progress. Some of these power-ups, like Multiball Boosters, are borrowed from totally unrelated games. When activated, the Multiball multiplies one soccer ball three times, tripling your chances of scoring. It’s a great way to confuse the other team, as they won’t know which ball to block. Another fun power-up is the Fire Booster. When you use this heated bonus, it will transform the soccer ball into a, well, fireball! The burning ball can’t be stopped by anything. It’s like a cheat code that can send you straight into the next level.

The Dream[Text Wrapping Break]Pelé: Soccer Legend appeals to all gamers. Being a fan of the Brazilian superstar might make the already fun game even more enticing. But even without any prior knowledge of Pelé (or the sport), this game is truly entertaining. There’s a diverse set of levels and unlockables for maximum replay value. From arcade fanatics to puzzle masters, everyone seems to be enjoying Pelé: Soccer Legend. Now your kids can jump onto the field and score.


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