Sportswear for the Winter

In a few short weeks, we will begin to see the weather change and the sunshine will be replaced by wind, rain and even snow. Sometimes bad weather can have a negative effect on our lives and it often means we can’t enjoy the things we enjoyed during the Summer months. 

If you enjoy sport this might be true for you and you may find that the sport you enjoy during the warmer months is often not as enjoyable during the cold Winter months but for many sports, if you have the right clothes and equipment you should be able to enjoy your favourite sport all year long. 

Although I have never completed a round of golf, I do enjoy the occasional visit to the driving range and my dad and brother are keen golfers who enjoy playing a round or two when they can. Golfing is an outdoor sport there’s nothing you can do to change that but the clothes you wear and ensuring you have the correct equipment can be the difference between enjoying your game during the Winter and being cold and not enjoying yourself. If you’re new to golfing then take a look at my golf tips for beginners which will get you started. 

Here are some items which will help any keen golfer enjoy the game during Winter: 

  • A golf umbrella 
  • Waterproofs 
  • Gloves and a warm hat 
  • Thermal layers 
  • Yellow golf balls (easier to spot in frost and snow) 
  • Golf sweaters available at Function 18 
  • Hand warmers 
  • Golf boots 
  • A flask with a hot drink 

This is a sport I really enjoy and unlike many other sporting activities this can be done in indoor arenas during the cold/wet months but it’s always better to be out in the open where possible. If you’re not a horse rider yourself, you might believe that you don’t work up much of a sweat but that couldn’t be further from the truth and you soon warm up after a short while riding. 

If you enjoy horse riding and you want to enjoy it all year round there are a few key items which could help you keep warm and comfortable while still enjoying a ride. 

  • Waterproof riding jacket 
  • Woolly hat 
  • Neck Gaiter (scarves can be dangerous when riding) 
  • Thermal Layers 
  • A warm fleece 
  • Long riding boots 
  • Winter breeches 

If you’re a fishing pro then chances are you have a great knowledge of what’s required to enjoy your time, so you are warm, comfortable and safe no matter the weather. Fishing is an all-weather sport, but you have to be pretty hardy to fish during the winter months when it can be extremely cold but as with the sports listed above if you have the right items you can have an enjoyable time no matter what time of year. 

  • Thermal base layers 
  • Hand warmers 
  • A Bivvy tent for night fishing 
  • Sleeping bag 
  • Bivvy heater 
  • Hat, gloves and scarf 
  • A flask with a hot drink 
  • Camping stove (to make food if you’re staying overnight) 

Football and rugby
Although football and rugby are very active sports players can still be susceptible to the cold during Winter, this can affect player performance so being comfortable and warm is essential. The below items can help keep players warm and laying their best during Autumn and Winter. 

  • Base layers/skins 
  • Double up on socks 
  • Gloves and hat 
  • Firm ground boots 
  • Hot drinks for halftime 

As you can see it is possible to enjoy many sports all year as long as you have the right items you can still enjoy yourself. 

What’s your favourite sport and do you still enjoy it over the Winter months?

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