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Spring is finally here and with that comes the added motivation to get your home in order. It’s a chance to enjoy being outside as well inside, and it just makes you feel all of the emotions ready for the warmer months ahead. It can certainly brighten your mood that is for sure. Sometimes the spring motivation is solely on your home improvements, and I thought I would share some of the ways you can take advantage of the inspiration and revamp your home.

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Declutter your home inside and out

A spring clean is actually a thing, and mostly it means decluttering your rooms and even outside of all the things you no longer need. Or if you do, ensuring they get put back to their proper place. A good declutter can work wonders on your home and outdoor areas, making them feel much more user-friendly. A messy home can really affect how you feel, and so now is the ideal opportunity to clear things up.

Tackle some of those boring jobs

We all have that list of jobs that we do once a year. It might be power washing your patio, clearing out the gutters or even worse, clearing out the garage or shed. But there is no better feeling than ticking them off your list, at least for another few months. While you feel motivated to get to grips with those chores and get them done. It can make your home feel clean and tidy as well as making your outdoor space and garden accessible for the warmer months ahead.

Invest in some new bits for your home

Not all of us want to spend money on our homes, but this could be a great chance to revamp your interior, or even invest in furniture to use outside. Being outdoors especially can have a positive effect on your mood, so heading to companies like featureDECO could inspire you to purchase some new furniture to enjoy outside. Perhaps somewhere to eat in the evening, or lounge around when you have a spare five minutes.

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Change your colour schemes

Maybe you want to use this opportunity to completely redesign your home, then maybe changing the colour schemes could be something to consider. Perhaps adding a feature wall or two in some of your more well-used homes. Or even adding new soft furnishing to sofas. This can also work for your garden, where adding new plants or flowers can really brighten up your outdoor space.

Create storage solutions

Finally, it might be worth considering different storage methods for your home. Especially when you have spent so much time decluttering and tidying away. A new garden shed perhaps to keep your garden clear, and some storage boxes or drawers for your home. Once you find a place for things to go, try and ensure they can stay there.

I hope these tips help you revamp your home this spring.

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