Meet the new craze, Stompeez!

These cute and cuddly slippers have sold over 11 million worldwide. They are perfect for sleep overs and keeping feet cosy over the cold winter months.

Stompeez are suitable for girls, boys and teens, there are 7 fantastic characters to collect. They are Growling Dragon, Peek A Boo Kitty, Blinky Eyed Monster,  Playful Blue Puppy, Unusual Unicorn, Bee Bop Bunny and Perky Pink Puppy. They are available in a size small (5 to 11) size medium (11.5 to 4) and Large (5 to 9).

We were recently sent a pair of Stompeez in the post. When they arrived Maxx was straight in there, what’s that, who are those for, can I open them. I should really start opening the post when he’s not about.

So to avoid disappointment we opened the Stompeez and set about trying them out. I have to say I was a bit sad I couldn’t squeeze my feet into them and yes I did try! When Maxx first put the Stompeez on it took him a minute to get used to them as his heel kept slipping off the side of the slipper. Once he had mastered the art of keeping them on his feet there was no stopping him.

To bring Stompeez to life walk, stomp and jump! Maxx got the Blinky Eyed Monster Stompeez, to wake up the sleeping monster and get him to open his eyes you need to stomp. Maxx loves waking up the monster by stomping and jumping up and down.

At first he found it difficult to make the eyes move, I think this is because he’s not quite heavy enough to make them work by walking but with a bit of stomping he is able to make the eyes open and close. We chose the small size and there is still plenty of room for his feet to grow too which is great as I can see these being around for a long time.

Stompeez are a lot of fun and Maxx enjoys nothing more than stomping around the house in them. We have told him he’s only allowed to stomp when he’s wearing his Stompeez though as he would stomp all day if we let him.

If you are looking for those last minute stocking fillers and fun presents I would highly recommend Stompeez, they are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Stompeez are available to buy in store from WHSmith and Bhs priced at £14.99 each. Or online at They make fantastic stocking fillers and will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

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