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Stylish Yet Practical Storage Ideas For Your Utility Room

Utility rooms can serve an obvious practical purpose in enabling us to store a wide array of home and garden items. However, you can still create useful storage in that room without leaving it looking staid. In fact, the following pieces of advice could help you meet the dual aims of making more storage space of truly practical use while also injecting more style into the utility room’s look. 

Sort through the clutter 

In preparing for a major laundry wash, you wouldn’t need to keep looking for all of the clothes of a specific colour if they were already all in a single basket clearly labelled with the name of that colour. 

You could keep baskets like this on open shelving, Ideal Home advises; this could enable you to quickly see, upon walking into the room, where to find particular clothes you need. 

Implement some industrial style 

Industrial storage solutions can not only look cool and original but also be highly practical. One good case in point would be that of a bakery trolley on casters; the trolley could display various items on its tiers and be easily moved around as necessary. 

Make strategic use of cupboard storage 

Watering cans and vases can both be easier to locate as necessary when stored together. Another good idea would be to line shelves with simple linen, as this can help prevent breakables falling over and soak up water that inadvertently ends up on that shelving.  

Add more baskets 

Given how scarce utility rooms can be in storage space or, indeed, space more generally, you could definitely benefit from adding a few baskets. These could be picnic hampers or any other surplus baskets that you have lying around.  

Various small essentials can be kept in these baskets, which can not only trim your expenses and prevent you needing to fit shelves, but also give your home a little extra countryside charm. 

Lack a utility room? Convert another space into one 

Your home might not currently have a specific room dedicated to your utility needs. However, you could still adapt another room – like a boot room or cloakroom – to this purpose. An especially suitable space to convert would be a cupboard featuring tongue and groove panelling.  

When adapting a space, you might even be able to get a window fitted inside it, making the space feel more like just another room of the house.

Use open shelving 

Such shelving could be added to the room if it doesn’t already feature it. They can look great and rich in personality, but choose suitably organised items to display on them. For example, keep clean dishcloths there, but not dirty bottles of floor cleaner, advises the Daily Mail. 

Line cabinet interiors with melamine  

The material of melamine can be used to strengthen the durability of your cabinet interiors. Hence, you don’t need to be overly concerned about how to cope if something is accidentally spilt in your cabinets.  

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