Summer holidays, we spend most of the year dreaming about them. But what happens when they go wrong? It’s easy to get stressed and make the situation worse, but instead, follow my tips below, to sort out any summer holidays issues you might be experiencing.

Your accommodation has been overbooked

You got your flight; you’ve done the transfer, you get to the hotel, and the receptionist informs you that your hotel has been overbooked. That’s right you don’t get to stay in the hotel you picked but probably a sister option further down the beach. What can you do in this situation? Well, believe it or not, it’s actually common practice to do this in many resorts. You need to talk to your holiday company representative right away. They should have given you a mobile number to contact them on. While it’s unlikely that they can magic up a room in your chosen venue out of nowhere, they might be able to swing you a few perks in your new place. Ask for a better room or private swimming pool. Its also important that your provider knows about any issues. Then you can make a claim when you return home if you are not satisfied with the alternative accommodation you have been given.

Illness or accident

One of the worst things that can happen on holiday is that you become ill or have an accident. It is vital that if you have good travel insurance and if you are travelling in the EU that you have your ehic card with you. This means you will be able to get emergency treatment for a reduced price or even for free in some countries. If your card is out of date, make sure you get a european health insurance card renewal before you go. It’s even more important to have full coverage travel insurance in non-EU countries. This is because you will be expected to pay for your treatment there if anything happens. Make sure you take photocopies of your documents with you so they are readily available should the worst happen.

The location you’re in becomes dangerous

Whether it’s due to the political climate or a natural disaster, if your are travelling abroad this summer, you could run into some danger. If this happens, it is important to stay calm. If there is someone official in your location, giving instructions, follow them. If you are on your own at that moment, remove yourself from any immediate danger and if it is safe to use your phone, call for help. If you are going to a known earthquake zone, familiarise yourself with emergency procedures before you go.  



It’s Pretty common, but a bad case of sunburn can really ruin your holiday. The best thing is to prevent it all together by using high factor SPF cream. If you don’t get sunburnt though make sure you treat it with aftersun and stay hydrated. If its particular painful you can take ibuprofen. If you start to run or fever or be sick, it could be sunstroke so make sure you get to the doctors.


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