Summer is finally here – Wonderland Activity Paddling Pool Review

Hearing that the nice weather is on the way means there is often a rush on anything to do with summer, sun and keeping cool. Items such as the Wonderland Activity Paddling Pool were flying off the shelves so we added to the rush and went looking for a paddling pool for Maxx.

We popped into one of our favourite toy shops in town, as luck would have it they had a sale on the paddling pools too!

There were a few different paddling pools we looked at but after narrowing it down to two Maxx chose the Wonderland Activity Paddling Pool.

When we got home we took it out and started to blow it up it took 2 or us 10 minutes to fully inflate it, this time would be quicker if you had a pump but I really don’t think one is needed for this.

The paddling pool has an inflatable slide which Maxx loves; he finds it hard to get on so goes on his belly instead.

The Giant flower in the centre of the paddling pool is a great feature and something I haven’t seen before. You connect a hose to the tube underneath the paddling pool and water goes up the centre of the flower and sprinkles down it. Maxx thinks it’s great and loves sitting underneath it catching the water.

There are also 3 inflatable flowers that are separate from the paddling pool so they can be placed in the water to play with too or you can hide them around the garden for the little ones to find.

I would recommend the paddling pool as it provides hours of fun. Maxx spent ages going down the slide then sitting under the giant flower getting wet.

The paddling pool is normally priced at £30 but was reduced in the sale to £15 which is fantastic for what you get – A very happy 3-year-old.

The Wonderland Activity Paddling Pool measures L264 x W137 x D68cm when inflated. Although it states on the website that there is room for 5 or 6 3-year-olds I would say 3-4 is more realistic.

If you’re looking for another great toy for summer then I would recommend the fun water-based game Wet Head. It’s great for staying cool on a hot summers day, you can read my review here.

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