Super Sleek Space Saving Ideas If Your Home Is On The Small Side

I’m sure we would all love to live in a country Cotswolds mansion or perhaps One Hyde Park in Knightsbridge. Unfortunately, you’ll be paying millions for properties like these! Most of us have to opt for something on a smaller scale. Owning a property is a great achievement and a fantastic investment for the future. But if some of your rooms feel a little on the small side, here’s some sleek space saving ideas to give your home the feeling of more space.


Sliding Doors

We often don’t give much thought to the internal doors in our property, but they can make or break a whole room design. If you want to create more space in your living room or bathroom, swapping out a hinged door for a chic sliding door is a great space saver. Not only do they seamlessly blend into your walls, but they open up the space by minimising that taken up by a open hinged door. In the bedroom, a swish set of sliding wardrobe doors is also another great space saver. You can choose myriad of colours and styles and even create a whole new storage system on the inside too. Carrie Bradshaw eat your heart out!


Filling In The Spaces

Have a look closely at all the areas in your home. Are there gaps high up or down below where more storage can be created? For example under sofas are a great place for storing DIY ladders, ironing boards or fitness equipment. In the kitchen, the planks at the bottom of your cabinets can be turned into slim drawers for baking tins and trays. A slimline pull out pantry with sliding racks also creates more storage space in the kitchen. For the bedroom, you can buy a bed with a lift up storage system to keep all your seasonal clothes and luggage hidden away. Also, think vertically. Can you install lighting on the side of walls for bedside lamps? Or perhaps hang shelves for all your books. Also, make use of the back of your doors to hang coats and bathrobes. If you buy a dressing table with a slim drawer underneath, this can also double up as a mini office. Keep your laptop, pens and papers in the drawer and pull out when in use. Also, declutter your bedroom and you’ll find you have much more space that you realised!

Multi-Use Furniture

If you don’t have space for a dining table invest in a foldaway one instead that you can bring out when entertaining guests. Fold out chairs can be kept under or behind the sofa in preparation. Mount magnetic strips on the kitchen and bathroom walls and use to attach items that may otherwise take up valuable cabinet space. A beautiful antique chest can double up as both extra seating and deep storage. Companies such as Ikea and Dwell offer lots of options for multi-use space saving furniture.


Colour And Light

Lastly, to create the illusion of more space, decorate your home in light colours and white. Keep the walls and ceilings all the same colour to deceive the eye into thinking the room is bigger. Use beautiful slatted blinds instead of curtains for less bulky window furnishings. And invest in large decorative mirrors to reflect both natural and artificial light, thus creating the illusion of a more spacious room.

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