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SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl Review

Rua SureFeed Cat Bowl

Cats. The fussy little creatures we love, but that just keep us around for free food and board. True, no?!

When it comes to food, like most cats, Rua is fussy. She doesn’t like in gravy, it has to be in jelly. She prefers fish over poultry. And if her food is left out for more than an hour, forget any chance of her eating it.

I often wondered if there was any way to stop the food drying out when she didn’t eat it in one go. I don’t blame her not wanting to eat it when it goes dry, so I throw the food away if she hasn’t eaten it within a couple of hours, or if it looks dry. It’s a waste though and something I hate, like throwing money down the drain.

Of course, I could feed her less, but it’s a fine balance. If I feed her too much she leaves it which means it has to be thrown away. If I don’t feed her enough she’ll be meowing at me to feed her again in 5 minutes, and then I usually end up overfeeding her anyway, oops!


Thankfully, we were recently offered a solution to this problem in the form of the SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl. The bowl was created by SureFeed, the award-winning pet door manufacturer. It has a motion-activated lid which opens when your pet approaches and closes when they walk away. The integrated seal means food stays fresher for longer, keeps flies away from the food and also reduces pet food odour around the home. The bowl is big enough for cats and small dogs.

The bowl also boasts a clever training mode which lets pets get used to the opening and closing movement. It’s very quiet when it moves, and apart from a minute sniffing around it Rua didn’t have any problems getting used to it. I was worried it might be difficult to clean, especially with the lid, but it’s really easy to clean and maintain. The lid can easily be removed for cleaning, the bowl can be quickly hand washed and the unit can be wiped down with a damp cloth to keep it clean. The bowl shouldn’t be put in the dishwasher so be prepared to clean it by hand, this takes minutes and not a lot of effort at all.

Here’s what Rua (and I) love about the bowl

  • It has a stylish, modern design
  • You can change the colour (pink, blue, green and grey) of the inserts to suit your (or your cats) taste
  • It keeps food moist and fresh, meaning less waste
  • It keeps food odour to a minimum
  • 6 month battery life (batteries not included)
  • You can buy an insert for both wet and dry food
  • Training mode to get pets used to the bowl
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It’s compact in size

Here’s what we didn’t like so much



There’s absolutely nothing we didn’t like about the sealed pet bowl. It really is a game changer in the world of feeding cats. It is more expensive than your average cat bowl, priced at £49.99. But, when you take into consideration the food you will save using the bowl, it pays for itself. Plus, your pet will be the talk of the town with the latest must have cat gadget. It’s a win win in my eyes!

A month on…

Having had the bowl for around a month now, I can honestly say it is a fantastic item. The bowl makes a huge difference to keeping food fresher for longer, it keeps smells at bay and it’s easy to clean and maintain. What’s more,  I have yet to throw away any food as the bowl keeps it fresh enough for Rua to eat hours after I have put the food down. I would normally throw away on average two sachets worth of food a week as Rua wouldn’t eat it after an hour or so, now she’s happy to eat it hours later. I’m pleased it has stopped the waste, gives Rua fresh food day and night and is saving me money too! It really does pay for itself in the long run. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product, 10/10.

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