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As well as being a great excuse to dress up and decorate the house, Halloween is the perfect excuse to enjoy a lot of devilishly gross (but delicious) treats. This year companies have clearly been busy and have conjured up a great range of Halloween treats. I might have already eaten my way through too many to count a few sweets.

Pechkeks Misfortune cookies

Misfortune Cookies

Fortune cookies aren’t something you would normally associate with Halloween but after I have introduced you to these creepy and cruel Misfortune cookies you’ll realise the two are a match made in… erm hell?! You might have guessed from the title, but they are no ordinary fortune cookie, they are fortune cookies creepy counterpart. 

I love the idea behind the cookies and think they are the ultimate Halloween dinner party dessert. There are 13 (unlucky for some) individually wrapped black fortune cookies inside each box. Break open the delicious cookie and you will find a fortune like no other, they’re cruel and twisted – yet funny! 

Soreen Scream Loaves

Soreen Halloween Scream loafs

If you’re like me and have to have everything Halloween in the run-up to the spooky day you’ll want to know about these tasty treats from Soreen. The scream range includes some terrifyingly tasty flavours, including the new Chocolate and Blood Orange loafs.

The loafs can be bought in a pack of five and are individually wrapped so are perfect for taking to work as part of your lunch or as a snack, they’re also great if you have young children who take a packed lunch to school.

Cadbury Halloween Sweets

Cadbury Creepy Chocolate Selection

As well as treats for us to enjoy many of us buy treats in preparation for any little ghosts and ghouls who might knock on our door this Halloween. I usually buy a few multi-packs of Cadbury snack sized chocolates as they are the perfect size for the spooky visitors. I put them in a mini cauldron and let the trick or treaters choose one, or two if I have a lot left and it’s nearing the end of the night! I would like to apologise in advance if there are no crunchies left when you come trick or treating, they’re my favourite!

Cadbury also has a selection of individual tasty treats. I personally love the Halloween spiders. You might also have seen the decidedly gross and very green Cadbury Screame Egg. These have the same yummy taste as normal cream eggs but have a gooey green centre… The perfect Halloween treat.

Cake Angels Halloween

Cake Angels Decorations

I enjoy baking and being creative in the kitchen, so when Halloween comes around I’m always eager to make lots of delicious spooky themed treats. This year’s first venture into Halloween cakes was with my nephew Maxx. We created the yummy cakes you can see above using some very creepy but cool Cake Angels products.

If you want to get creative in the kitchen but don’t want to spend hours decorating then Cake Angels are great.We used the Halloween sprinkles and 2D cake decorations to make our cakes. My favourite item was the 2D cake toppers, you simply place them onto the iced cake and voila! A delicious cake that looks spooktacular!

Have you tried any of the tasty Halloween treats on offer this year?

*This post contains PR samples. 

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