Private home care has a range of benefits over other types of care provision, helping you to maintain your independence and giving you choice and autonomy. Ultimately, such care helps you to stay in the home you love, for longer. Read on to discover more advantages of commissioning a private home care service, to provide care and support to you or someone you love.


First and foremost, private home care will enable you or someone close to you, to continue living in the home they love and retain their independence for as long as possible.


Choose private home care, and you’ll have more choice over the care package you receive, so the support delivered can be tailored to your specific needs and preferences, giving you choice.


Hence private home care gives you greater autonomy, putting you at the centre of decisions made about your care. You’ll have full control over the support services you receive, so whether it is daily tasks such as cooking and cleaning or shopping that are proving difficult, or you need more specialised care, you can choose with private home care.


You’ll have greater flexibility when it comes to your care, when you commission a private home care provider to deliver your support, from the timing or frequency of visits to last minute changes of plan, they’ll adapt to your needs.

Improved quality of life 

Choose private home care, and your quality of life will improve too, taking the weight off your shoulders when it comes to the things you are finding difficult day-to-day.

Social network

Have care provided in your home and you’ll also retain your existing social network, remaining in your local neighbourhood, with familiar faces all around you. You’ll also enlarge your circle of acquaintances, meeting new people in the shape of your home carers.

Familiar surroundings   

In addition, receive private home care, and you’ll remain in familiar surroundings, rather than having to get used to a new environment. You also won’t have to go through the emotive process of which few items you’ll take with you to fit in a single room.

Your home secure

Choose private home care, and the value of your home isn’t taken into account when your contribution is calculated, giving you peace of mind and leaving you feeling secure in your home.   

More cost effective

Private home care is also likely to prove more cost-effective than moving into a care home, ultimately proving less expensive. You’ll simply be paying for the specific care that you receive and not anything else in addition to this.

Private home care advantages

So as you can see, the benefits of private home care provision are numerous and varied, helping you to stay in your home for longer, in familiar surroundings with your existing social network around you, but also enjoying a better quality of life too. What’s more, you’ll be at the centre of decision-making when it comes to your care, providing you with choice and autonomy at a crucial time.

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