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The Cake Crusaders!

I love shiny new things and Appliance Online has a shiny new blog! They are also running a great competition which Maxx and me just had to get involved with!

So our task set by the Appliance Online Team was to bake and decorate some yummy cakes!
The perfect opportunity to have a trial run of our Halloween cakes and also to make cake pops for the first time!

So I called over the world famous chef Maxx 😉

We set ourselves the task of making mud worm cakes. We decided we would make chocolate cupcakes as they would look better with our mud topping.
We spent the next 20 minutes measuring and mixing until we had a lovely chocolate cupcake mix. Maxx then filled the cake cases with the mixture and cleaned the bowl! A little unconventional I must say but very yummy I’m told!
After approximately 15 minutes in the oven we took the cakes out and left them to cool.
Then was the fun part. We put 5 oreos (Without the cream centre) in a food bag closed it up and bashed them with a rolling pin. Maxx then sprinkled the crushed biscuit onto the cakes to get the mud affect, after a few minutes we realised that sprinkling wasn’t coating the cakes very well so I put the biscuit crumbs into a bowl and dipped the cakes into a bowl and this worked perfectly.
After the mud had set we put a couple of holes in each cake and Maxx set about adding the finishing touches, the WORMS! We lost a few brave worms at this point to a very cheeky chef!  The rest were carefully placed in the holes and Voila!
Here’s the chef Maxx enjoying the Mud Worm Cakes 🙂


I will do a cake pop blog post in the coming days as soon as I have a chance to do a step by step and get some proper white chocolate not melting white mice lol. Here is a sneak peak at how the eyeball cake pops turned out, not bad for my first try right?!

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