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The Extension Questions

If we’re honest, the majority of us would admit to wanting more space at home. No matter if you’re accommodating yourself or a family, humans have an amazing ability to fill whatever space we’re given. As such, most us get to a stage where we want to move somewhere bigger.

Of course, moving isn’t always practical. It’s expensive and stressful. Besides, what happens if you like the house you have? It may be that you can’t imagine any other home which would suit, if only you had more space to work with!

Worry no longer. It’s in your hands to create the space you need. In case you hadn’t guessed; we’re talking about extensions. These are an amazing way to make your home fit you, rather than the other way around. Bear in mind, though, that they’re no easy undertaking. Before you go ahead, you should ask yourself the following questions.

How much would it cost?

Cost should be your first consideration. Depending on what you’re having done, an extensive extension won’t be much cheaper than a new home. But, it allows you to stay where you are and avoid a lot of stress. Once you have an idea of the work, estimate costs with a little online research. Setting yourself a rough budget will ensure you don’t get carried away when work starts. Without that limit, you could end up paying way over the odds for a little extra space. An excellent guide is whether you’re spending more on the extension than you’ll see back when you do sell. If yes, reconsider the amount of work.

How would it fit?

Of course, not all homes have obvious extension potential. If this is the case, consider where your extension would go. The good news is, even areas which don’t look suitable could adapt. If your house is on a slope, you could put balustrades in place to hold the extension above ground. Bear in mind that you would need to refer to something like this balustrade maintenance guide to ensure no extension mishaps. Without proper care, that sloping ground could yet again become an issue. Or, perhaps you don’t have outside space to work with. In this case, consider working with what you’ve got. Attic renovations are a fantastic way around this issue.

What can you do yourself, and what do you need professionals for?

While a complete DIY extension is rarely a good idea, it may be worth considering what work you can do yourself. This is especially important when it comes to cutting costs. For the actual structure, you’re better off getting professionals. You should also contact plumbers and electricians as needed. Trying your hand at these could end in accidents. But, other than that, you may be able to do more than you’d think. You could teach yourself how to plaster and tackle all the decorating. You could even lay carpets yourself if you’re feeling brave! Wherever you can safely do a job yourself, it’s worth considering.

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