The Lowdown On Planning A Hen Party Abroad


So you’re finally going to walk down the aisle. But before you get down to the vows and the rings, there’s some fun to be had. A great hen weekend is on the cards. So where is it going to be? You have choices aplenty, from the balmy beaches of Barcelona to the saucy streets of Amsterdam. A relaxed spa weekend in Reykjavik or letting the party animal in you lose, in Ibiza.  

There are plenty of hen do destinations to choose from. No matter where you go with your girly gang there’s loads of fun things to do. But before you embark on your last trip as a bachelorette, you need to get all the details right. Some careful planning and a little research will ensure you and the girls have a good time on your hen weekend. Let’s see how you can get the best out of your hen weekend and create great memories with your besties.  

Decide on the Location 

So many places to see and such less time. That’s exactly how you will feel when making up your mind about your hen do location. Many factors can influence your decision, but don’t make it just about yourself. Ask the girls where they’d like to go.  

If you are the maid of honour and the planning has been tasked to you, make sure to have the bride in agreement with all your plans. You certainly do not want a grumpy bride-to-be at her own hen weekend.  

Keep the group’s likes and dislikes in mind. There would be some girls up for some outdoorsy stuff while others might prefer the comforts of a spa. A location that could offer something for everyone in your group will be ideal.  


The trickiest part of your hen weekend planning. A decent budget will ensure your gang has the most wicked time there can be, but cutting corners would mean you are left doing the not-so-glamorous things like cheap bars and shady hotels.  

Consider how much every member of the group is willing to spend. After reaching a consensus the amount can be collected. The budget will depend on the destination you choose, the hotel you decide on and the kind of activities you indulge in.  

If your group is large in number, always ask for a group discount. Generally a group of 15 or more people is considered large, so if your gang adds up to it make sure you get the best price. Smaller groups can have a larger share amount and indulge in more extravagance and a more elaborate party weekend.     


A very important aspect of any hen weekend, especially if your travelling abroad. While guys can live with the basic hotel as long as the boozer is within sight. But girls appreciate the finer things in life. A hotel with an in house spa and beauty treatment facilities will go down really well with the ladies.  

Another thing to take care of while choosing the accommodation is sleeping preferences. In case you plan to have two people sharing a room, it should be made known to the group well in advance.  


This is where fun part of your hen weekend will unfold. Choose all activities keeping the girls in mind. If you’re a set of adventurous girls then things like quad biking or rifle shooting can be enjoyable. For the delicate damsels, activities like chocolate making and wine tasting are a big hit.  

The activities you choose should ensure maximum fun for the whole group. After all this is where you will be creating memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.  


Your hen weekend will happen only once (hopefully). So get the best out of it by planning in detail. The kind of effort you put into the planning will show on the girls’ face when they are having a great time. So get cracking on that great hen weekend and say goodbye to your single life in style.  

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