The Must-Have Autumn Garden Accessories

I don’t know about you but I’m loving Autumn so far. We have been lucky weather-wise, there was storm Callum but in the main, the weather has been really kind to us thus far. Temperatures are higher than normal for this time of year and we’re enjoying a lot of late Summer sunshine. All this gorgeous weather means we’re still spending a lot of time outdoors which is lovely for this time of year so whatever you do, don’t pack away your garden furniture and BBQ just yet. 

Some of our garden accessories will be making their way into storage such as paddling pools, sprinklers and hoses but others should most definitely be staying out for a little while yet. Some garden accessories are perfect for the cooler Autumn months and will let you enjoy your garden well into early Winter, take a look at a few of my must-have Autumn garden accessories suggestions below. 


We often pack away our BBQs at the end of Summer but this year we’re lucky to still have high temperatures and a lot of sunshine so keep it out or get it back out of the garage and enjoy a few more BBQ’s while you can. There’s nothing nicer than an impromptu garden BBQ on a warm Autumn day and we still have a few more to come. 


If you have young children or you enjoy camping yourself then make sure you have a tent which you can pitch in your garden and enjoy a garden sleepover or two before the temperature drops. Autumn is a great time to enjoy garden-camping, it’s not hot and stuffy inside the tent like it is during the Summer months but it’s also not too cold to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. Pitch a tent, make a campfire to toast some marshmallows and enjoy a ghost story or two. 

Fire pit 

As we get further into Autumn the temperature will inevitably drop but that doesn’t mean evenings in the garden are over. Having a fire pit or chimenea is a great garden accessory and will let you stay warm and enjoy your garden long into the Autumn and even nicer Winter days and evenings. It’s also great for toasting marshmallows and making s’mores – yum! 

Leaf blower 

Trees. We can’t live without them but sometimes we might wish we could when we’re clearing thousands of leaves from our gardens. There’s no denying the colours of Autumn are absolutely stunning but having to clear up leaves from your garden isn’t an easy task, especially if you have a few trees in your garden. If you’re finding the never-ending task of removing leaves from your garden difficult then it might be worth investing in a leaf blower and vacuum which would help you clear up the leaves quickly and easily. 

Animal Habitats 

As Winter approaches, food and shelter for wildlife become scarcer so it’s nice to be able to give them a helping hand to see them through the Autumn and Winter months. Bird tables/feeding stations are available in a lot of DIY and home stores, but you could always make your own if you’re good at DIY. Once you have started attracting wildlife to your garden you could even think about making a few Winter nesting boxes. You could make them for birds, hedgehogs or other small animals who will be out looking for a safe home during the Winter. Not only will you be giving nature a helping hand, but you will be able to enjoy a garden brimming with wildlife which is lovely to watch. 

If you’re still out and about enjoying your garden this Autumn you’re not alone, everyone is making the most of the good weather. If you would like more garden inspiration then take a look at my Autumn garden wish list which is full of ideas on styling your garden for Autumn. 

Are you still enjoying your garden this Autumn?

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