Twas The Night Before Christmas…

I’ve often wondered what everyone else is doing on Christmas Eve.

Are you ready for Christmas, presents wrapped and neatly put under the tree, food prepared for tomorrow and enjoying some Christmas films? Or are you running around like a headless chicken presents everywhere,  the cellotape and scissors have disappeared and you still have to run to the shops before they close?

This year I am most definitely the latter! Today was spent rushing to town first thing in the morning to buy a few Christmas presents that I hadn’t been able to get before, then we had to go to the supermarket to do our Christmas food shopping, then wrap the last of the presents. Thankfully our town centre wasn’t as busy as I though and at the supermarket there was plenty of food left on the shelves and believe it or not there were no queues at the checkouts.
I don’t think it would feel like Christmas unless I was rushing round last minute picking up a few things, that’s half the fun isn’t it? Or maybe that’s just what I tell myself to make me feel better about being disorganised…

Next year my aim is to be more organised, have everything done and then we can all relax and enjoy the festive period. As shopping, even without queues and lots of people is still stressful.

As a type this thankfully everything has come together. The presents are all in the living room all neatly wrapped, the veg is all peeled and ready for tomorrow and the house is ready for our family to come over.

Let the excitement begin!

Whatever you have spent Christmas Eve doing I hope you have had a good day and hope you have an even better day tomorrow :)x

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