The Perfect Hen Night

Looking through my Facebook feed on Christmas day, it honestly seems like the world and his wife (to be?) got engaged. Hooray! You’re getting married – congratulations! If this sounds familiar, you’re probably a total mix right now of ecstatic and terrified. It’s not that you’ve not picked the right person (of course not!), but the idea of all that planning has probably got you feeling a total cocktail of emotions. You’re not alone. There have been loads of articles written about the planning of the whole occasion – often called ‘the biggest day of your life’ – and so it’s hardly surprising that there loads of anxieties associated with the whole spectacle! Your hen night (or Bachelorette party, depending on where you’re from) shouldn’t make you sad, however – it should be a night or even a weekend of joy and fun. Here’s just a few ideas of how to achieve that…

Go All Out And Take A Trip

Whether you fancy jetting off to Las Vegas, swanning off a popular party destination, or even taking a city break to explore somewhere new, there are loads of options to give you and your hens the absolute perfect weekend (or week, if you’re greedy!). If you’re a Maid Of Honour, there are plenty of tips for you organizing their (theoretical!) last night of freedom, and everyone’s bound to make memories that will last a lifetime no matter what you do.

Have A Blowout Night Out

If you’d rather focus on the last night (!) ever of you losing your decorum just a little bit, then it’s perhaps best if you don’t spend shedloads on a trip that you won’t remember anyway! There are loads of cities across the UK that you can visit just for one night with your girls, or you can even just go down your local for a night you’ll never remember with people you’ll never forget!

Relax A Little!

You’ve got enough chaos going on, so sometimes it’s best just to take some time to chill before the whirlwind of everything else! Before you see it as a bit of a cop-out, there are some amazing spa weekends you can go on which will add a touch of elegance to the affair. Why not decide on a girly weekend somewhere gorgeous like this beautifully converted Church Spa? You’re bound to bond and it’s a nice excuse to just get away from it all before the drama – hopefully all good, but still – ensues!

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