The Perfect Night’s Sleep

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I love my sleep. If I don’t get enough sleep I’m pretty miserable, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Over the years my sleep has been all over the place but for the last couple of years, I have made an effort to change my sleeping habits for the better. Starting in my mid-teens, good sleeping habits went out the window. I turned into a night owl staying up until 2 am most nights and during college, it wasn’t unheard of for me to stay up all night on occasions – if only I could talk to my younger self now.

These terrible sleeping habits continued throughout my 20’s, so when I was approaching my 30’s I decided to finally change my sleeping habits. I decided on an evening routine which I would stick to and also a time to wake each morning which would help me be consistent and adapt to my new routine. It wasn’t easy to change the habits of a lifetime but I’m so glad I did. I now enjoy some me time each evening and I’m in bed by 10:30 pm most evenings.

When it comes to sleep everyone is different and there’s no one rule fits all. This is something that bed retailer and sleep specialists Bed Guru understand and that’s why they believe it’s an obligation to ensure everybody gets a great night’s sleep as part of their great #NestGuru campaign.

Since changing my sleeping habits and altering my night time routine things have been much better, I feel rested and have more energy during the day when I get a good night’s sleep. I still have the odd occasion where I struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep which can be frustrating. After returning from a few days away visiting family over Christmas I have been struggling to get to sleep. I have quite a lot going on at the moment so I think with things playing on my mind this is affecting my sleep. I try to use these simple tips for getting a good night’s sleep and they are really useful when I’m struggling with sleep.

Another thing that’s affecting my sleep is my mattress. I didn’t choose my mattress, I actually won a competition and the mattress was the prize which was amazing. The mattress was great to begin with but it’s now a few years old and it’s not as comfortable as it once was so I think it will soon be time to replace it with something I can choose to better suit my needs.

I have looked at a few options but there are so many different mattresses out there that it can be daunting knowing which one will best suit my needs without testing them out. Thankfully, Bed Guru has taken the hassle out of finding the perfect mattress by listing what mattresses they offer and also what qualities each mattress has to offer which is very helpful.

After browsing the different types of mattresses I think a latex mattress would be perfect. Bed Guru states that latex is a breathable mattress, offers exceptional levels of support and comfort, is a responsive material which moulds and it can help ease any pressures on your body. I like the fact it’s breathable because I hate being too hot and the fact it offers an exceptional level of support and comfort really appeals to me. Before hearing about the #NestGuru campaign I hadn’t even heard of latex mattresses and now this type of mattress seems like the best option for me.

I’m going to do some research on different mattresses and then make a final decision from there on which type I will choose. I won’t be able to replace it straight away but I am looking forward to the day I can replace it and sleep on a mattress which I have picked specifically to suit my needs.

Fun fact: Did you know it’s recommended to change your mattress every 7 to 10 years?

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