The Pirate with Pox

So yesterday I had our day all planed. We were going to dress up as pirates and hunt some treasure. You see Maxx got some Jake the pirate items, a talking sword and a telescope when you look through you see different scenes from Jake the pirate he also got a little black bag with 5 gold coins inside. We have been hiding the coins and hunting them throughout the house since he got them, he loves it.

Well we got our pirate day organised at night only to wake up yesterday and find Maxx has chicken pox!

Thankfully he seems okay in himself  He is still wanting to play and eat and drink and has been running around hiding treasure for me to find and also finding the treasure I hide for him.

After lunch we decided to continue with the pirate theme and make some pirate cakes! Argh me hearties! All in all we had a good pirate filled day, now I just need to think of more things for us to do until he’s back to his bouncing best! Until then he is off nursery and in quarantine bless him. Lots of games and DVDs are called for over the next couple of days.

What did you do to keep your little ones entertained when they had chicken pox? Do you know of any amazing home remedies to relieve itching?

We will be trying the oatmeal in the bath remedy later! It’s worth a try, right?


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