The Secret to Happy Camping Through the Winter

In order to be a happy camper, you need to be warm, comfortable and relaxed, otherwise, you’re going to spend every waking moment counting down the hours until you head home. Camping is all about adventure, excitement and fun, so it’s important to keep this going throughout your trip. It’s easy to have a cosy, enjoyable camping trip all year around, no matter what the weather may be, all you need to do is prepare. Here is a selection of useful tips on how you can have a fabulous trip, and the secret to being a happy camper.  

Plan a Location  

It’s one thing being cold and uncomfortable on a wintery night, but it’s another being stranded in the middle of nowhere, positioned slap bang in the middle of a windy area. With this in mind, it’s really beneficial to do some research before choosing where you’re going to go. There are so many stunning locations that are actually best when visited through the winter, providing stunning views, but you do get the odd spot that’s usually avoided until the warmer months roll by. Once you’ve found a location that looks right for you, do a little more research into good walks and other activities to do in the area, just to make sure you have plenty to do to keep you busy throughout your trip.  

Be Weather Conscious  

When it comes to packing clothes and bedding for a camping trip, it’s always beneficial to prepare for heavy, wet conditions. Always check the weather forecast before you begin to pack for your trip, as even though they may not be the most accurate source of information, they do give you an idea of what the weather will be like. When camping throughout winter, it’s always best to assume that the weather will be wet, windy and slightly frosty, as this way you’ll have plenty of clothing and bedding to keep you warm, and you can remove layers if it’s too much. It’s always better to have too many warm layers than to not have enough.  

Protect Your Tent  

Whether you experience a blustery rainstorm, or you face some heavy snow, you want to know that your tent will be sturdy enough to keep you and its contents dry and warm. The majority of tents are waterproof, with strong weather resistance, which is ideal when camping in bad weather. You do often find, however, that really strong weather conditions have a way of breaking through and somehow reaching the inside of the tent, which is not what you want. By adding a few extra touches to the tent, including a tarpaulin sheet to cover the ground and a doubled-up roof cover for the top of your tent, you are able to add an extra layer of protection to fight off the wet weather. This will give you a stronger chance of staying warm and dry when inside your tent, which in turn will keep you happy and relaxed.  

Bring Extra Supplies  

Your camping trip is in your control and by planning lots of additional activities and packing plenty of games, you can make sure it’s a fun and exciting time. One thing you can’t control, however, is the weather, so it’s important to bring plenty of blankets, slipper socks and hoodies to keep you toasty and warm. The last thing you want is to get wet on a walk and have no spare hoodies or tracksuit bottoms to snuggle up into when you finally retire to your tent, so remember to pack extra supplies to ensure you have everything you need to keep you going throughout the trip. Similarly, you should also pack some extra tea bags, hot chocolate powder and coffee to ensure you have plenty of warm beverages to keep you feeling cosy and relaxed through the night. When you plan ahead and tick all of the boxes, you’ll find your trip so much more enjoyable, which will, in turn, make you a very happy camper. Winter camping is a fabulous activity to partake in, and with these useful tips, you’ll be able to enjoy the breath-taking views whilst keeping warm and content at the same time.  

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