The Swindon Summer Fete

Crowd of people at the Swindon Summer Fete

Maxx saw the Swindon summer fete in the morning and unfortunately, we weren’t able to go until the afternoon as we had other things to do. From the minute he saw the fete (well the bouncy castle and slide) he was full of beans and kept announcing “We’re going to MY summer fete soon” I considered buying earplugs after the 100th time he said it!

Young child sliding down an inflatable slide
When we arrived at the fete we walked towards the inflatable slide which I quite fancied a go on myself! Sadly Maxx was too little to go on this but next to it was a smaller version. Maxx had his shoes off and was half way up the steps before the ride had been paid for. As you can see he loved it and would have stayed on it all day if he was allowed.

Child holding an inflatable hammer from the fun fare

Next, we went to the Hook-A-Duck game which we all know is rigged lol all the prizes are less than the price to play, but to Maxx it’s fantastic as he wins a great prize and that’s all that matters.This time he won a great inflatable hammer. Not so great for us as we were then attacked with the hammer lol.

We then walked around the other side of the park and looked at all the different stalls which ranged from home-made handbags, lucky dips to local charity stalls.

There was music playing at the Swindon Summer fete too which was great as it made the atmosphere fun, there was also a little stage laid out on the grass where people were dancing. Maxx decided he wanted to go over and “Dance with all his friends” so he spent the next song dancing away! It was so funny to watch he’s a good little dance and has good rhythm and clearly loves it.

Small child enjoying a fairground rocket ride

After he had tired himself out on the dance floor we went over to the aeroplane ride. This is the first funfair type ride Maxx has been on and he seemed to love it. Aside from when he gripped the handles and made a face which had us all in fits of laughter.
Young child enjoying an ice cream at a fete in Swindon
 Although we only stayed for about an hour everyone had a good time especially Maxx. The day was finished off with a nice big Ice Cream! Yummy 🙂
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