The Top 3 Vaping Destinations

Unfortunately, not all is well in the world of vaping: many countries around the world are passing increasing amounts of legislation, to restrict or ban vaping.  However, there remain a few destinations that are particularly friendly to those who vape.  

Ecigwizard recently wrote a complete guide on vaping abroad, which is linked for you below: https://www.ecigwizard.com/blog/an-ecig-users-destination-guide 

Here is a rundown of the top 3 vaping-friendly countries.

America – the best place to vape 

Americans love freedom: from freedom of speech to the freedom to bear arms, American society wants to allow people to do as many things as possible. Fortunately, they extend this love of freedom to vaping, making it the friendliest place for vapers on earth. Not only does America have the largest numbers of vapers in the world (approximately 9 million based on most recent studies), but it also has no real restrictions on the purchase of vaping products. Vaping equipment is available throughout the country and you can generally vape, wherever you are allowed to smoke.  

This lack of regulation combines with some amazingly vape friendly (and really cool), cities to make it the ‘crème-dela-crème’ of vaping destinations. Places that you should consider visiting on your vaping odyssey include: Seattle a progressive, cool city with loads of vape friendly nightclubs; Virginia, which does not tax nicotine liquid and allows each establishment to decide its own vaping rules; Las Vegas, what happens there stays there, but the rumours are it’s pretty good; and a whole host more. So make the U.S.A your number one destination for your vaping holiday! 

Follow the link below for a state-by-state guide to the vaping laws in America: http://www.publichealthlawcenter.org/resources/us-e-cigarette-regulations-50-state-review. 

Europe – a continent of many vaping contenders 

Many places in Europe are not far behind America and before we tell you about the winning European country, we have to give a few honourable mentions. Germany (2.3 million vapers) and reasonably relaxed laws were certainly a contender; as was France (500,000 vapers) with similarly relaxed regulations; Sweden to is very vape friendly; as is the Czech Republic. For more information check out this link from the ‘nanny state index’ which rates European countries one by one: 


The Netherlands a great place to vape  

The winner of the European crown was the Netherlands: for its combination of trendy, historical cities and relaxed vaping regulations. Chief among these is Amsterdam, where you can enjoy a relaxing vape inside one of its many trendy cafes: (other forms of smoking are also available). But you shouldn’t merely restrict yourself to them in the vaping capital of Europe: you can visit trendy nightclubs, wander the picturesque streets and enjoy the amazing museums and art galleries; safe in the knowledge that you are free to vape. Amsterdam isn’t the only city in Holland where vapers are welcomed and Rotterdam and Eindhoven are definitely places to see as well.  

New Zealand: vape to a stunning natural backdrop 

New Zealand is the final country on our list (although Canada did run it close), it has reasonably relaxed vaping laws and a pretty well-established vaping culture. This when combined with some of the most magnificent natural scenery on the planet, makes it a dream destination for many vapers. In New Zealand, you can vape up incredible mountains; vape on stunning beaches; or vape in a restaurant with both of them in the background. Whatever you decide to do: you are pretty much guaranteed to have an amazing time, which is why it rounds off our list. 

Vaping holidays are getting more and more difficult, but they are not finished yet and any of the countries mentioned on this list, will guarantee a good time, with the ability to have a relaxing vape most of the time. For more information on the places where vaping is allowed, check out this Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regulation_of_electronic_cigarettes.

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