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The Top 6 Things to Look for When Choosing a Carpet

Carpets are one of those things that we often take for granted and stop noticing how much of a difference having a decent carpet underfoot makes to our comfort. There are so many aspects to consider – thickness, material, and stuffing amongst others. Below is a quick guide to some of the most important things to look for in a new carpet. 


Padding is one of the key components of the overall comfort of your carpet. Padding will give your carpet more support and strength. Padding can be made from several materials but is most commonly rubber or foam. Padding will also determine how effective your carpet functions as insulation. It can even be used to give your carpet sound dampening properties. Consult with your local carpet dealer to decide what materials are most suitable to your needs. 


The aesthetics of your carpet are just as important as its functionality and tactile appeal. There is a wide range of styles to choose from depending on one’s tastes and where the carpet is to be laid. Thanks to modern manufacturing methods, even discount carpets can be manufactured in the styles usually associated with a more expensive product. If you’re in the market for discount carpets, check out discounted carpets at Big Warehouse Sale 

Get Samples 

Most carpet dealers will allow you to take a small sample of carpet away with you to make sure it is suitable. You should always take advantage of this as a way to see how the carpet will look in your home before you commit any money. If you change your mind about a carpet later, it can be expensive to put right. 

Shop Around 

Check out different carpet providers near to you in order to get an idea of the different prices on offer, as well as seeing how the advice offered to you differs from one establishment to the next.  The best carpet stores are those where the owners have a good knowledge of their stock. The more varied the stock and the more knowledgeable the staff, the more confident you can be. 

Read Up on Maintenance Requirements 

All carpets will require various degrees of maintenance as they become worn and are subjected to the wear and tear of life. If you have pets or young children, low maintenance options are generally better. Poor maintenance practices can result in carpets needing to be replaced, which can be needlessly costly. 


Before you commit to purchasing a carpet, be sure to check what the standard warranty terms and conditions are and what your options are in terms of buying additional coverage if you think you might need it. Warranties are usually five or ten years, reflecting how long the carpet is expected to last. The most basic form of warranty covers wear and tear plus the general damage a carpet will sustain through normal use. 

Choosing the right carpet can seem daunting at first and with so much to consider it can quickly become difficult to follow. Check local carpet sellers near you to decide who offers the best service for your needs.

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