There is no doubt that happiness is something we all want. Yet, it can at times often seem quite difficult to grasp or to keep hold of for long periods of time. Part of the reason for this is due to a lack of understanding on our part in regards to how happiness works – how it comes about, where it comes from, how we can make it stay. But it is also true, and worth remembering, that we cannot force happiness. If we try to do that, more often than not the opposite will happen, and we will be much worse off as a result. Fortunately, we can bring about more favourable circumstances in our everyday lives and in our minds by gently improving on the many diverse spheres of our life. In today’s post, we are going to look at just that – how we can bring about a happier state of existence by looking at the little things. Let’s see where happiness lives.

Treat Yourself To What You Love

If you are honest with yourself, you know exactly what you want from life, and you know how to get it. But we run into a few difficulties. One major hurdle for many people is exactly that honesty – plenty of people find it hard to be that honest with themselves, and as a result they never really learn what they need to be happy. So the first step in getting what you want is to actually face the issue directly, and figure out finally what you really want out of life. You might find that the real answer surprises you. It might be more shallow than you expected, it might ashame you. Or it could be much grander than you could ever have thought. Either way, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are honest with yourself – and, soon, those around you – about what it is, and how to get it.

The second problem most people run into is fear. This is a powerful emotion which affects every part of our lives to some degree or another, and it is a lifelong task trying to do away with it. It is helpful to think of fear not as a hindrance to progress (as that belief is just more fear), but instead as a protective layer which you need to allow to gently fall away. Provided that you do allow that to happen, you can find yourself enjoying life much more fully than you ever thought possible, and getting much more out of it as a result. But shedding that fear is difficult, it takes time. By its very nature, it is something which wants to stick very strongly to your sense of self. At http://www.oprah.com/spirit/How-To-Find-Out-Who-You-Really-Are-by-Anne-Lamott you can find a discussion on this very subject. The trick is to accept its existence as fully as you can; if you ignore it or pretend it isn’t there, that is just more fear subtly disguised. Acknowledge your fear, give it space to breathe, and calmly continue with the things you want to do, the things which you know in your heart will bring that which you love towards you. This is difficult to do – and that is exactly why it is so worthwhile.

When you have done away with the fear on the profoundest level, you can start to delve into the pleasures that you truly want in life. And that is an important and necessary part of beginning to lead a happier and more fulfilling life.

Make Your Home A Sanctuary

In modern life, we are often all guilty of not paying enough attention to our homes. It can seem as though to do so would be a waste of time or energy somehow, although in truth that is a dangerous and saddening fallacy. Actually, the home is a staple for the soul. The more energy and love you divest in improving the quality of your home, the sooner you will find yourself leading a happier and more stable life. The home, at its best, is the place of nourishment and support, the setting where you re-energise and get yourself ready for facing the world again and again. But when the home is not treated with the kind of respect it deserves, it all too often becomes a cluttered, stressful space – the kind of space that actually hinders the growth that we are looking for here.

To improve the quality of your home, make an effort to begin to treat it as though it were a sanctuary. What you should be aiming for, ideally, is a home life which speaks to you as you really see yourself. That means that you need to figure out who you are, so that you can more accurately reflect it in the home. Doing so will make you feel more at home within the house, and will encourage a much more peaceful, calmer and happier way of living while at home. There are a few rooms which are of particular importance in this respect. The bedroom is one: you should make every effort to turn this into a space which suits your personality fully, and which supports your sleeping cycle. This is hugely important for a happy life, as getting decent rest makes a world of difference psychologically. The bathroom is another space which can be used as a sanctuary, if designed correctly. Using a professional designer such as www.drench.co.uk might be beneficial, as you will be more likely to achieve the effect you want. With a more peaceful bathroom, your private moments will be much more the quality that you need and expect. Before long, this will make a profound difference in how you feel in your everyday life.

As they say, home is where the heart is – and if you are able to turn your home into a happier place, then your heart will be happier too.

Travel Far & Wide

Not everyone has the travel bug, admittedly, but practically everyone knows of some of its benefits for the human spirit. Travelling does much more than just broadening the mind: it also helps to lift the spirits, and the more that you are able to do, the more you will evolve as an individual. There are actually often stressors involved in the act of travelling itself, but overall it is the kind of experience which will make you happier and more content with your life. When you know that you have spent a decent amount of time throughout your life exploring the distant reaches of the planet, it brings about a feeling of great satisfaction and that often helps to make you feel much happier within yourself in the profoundest sense.

Obviously, there are commonly hurdles which inhibit people being able to travel as much as they might like, so it is beneficial to look at what those hurdles are so that we can better understand the obstacles and how to overcome them. For most people, it is a matter of financial insecurity. If you don’t feel that you have enough money to travel extensively, I can guarantee that that is not quite true. Travelling is actually much cheaper than most people think it is. You just need to learn how to travel in a way which is not going to break the bank. This means doing plenty of planning and booking well in advance, not being afraid to make your own meals, limiting alcohol intake, and buddying up with someone else. With a little forward thinking and persistence, you can easily travel the world for relatively little money. If you’re not convinced, why not consider earning money as you travel? Teaching English abroad is one of the best and most common ways to continue to earn even as you travel the world. You might be pleasantly surprised at how easy it can be to land such a job too – and this will also help your happiness levels. For more, see http://traveltips.usatoday.com/educational-benefits-travel-1901.html.

There’s no doubt that travelling leads to a happier life. If you have some kind of obstacle in the way of travelling, it is well worth making small and consistent efforts to getting rid of those obstacles. In time, you will be able to travel more and more – and that will help you to read a fuller and happier existence on the whole.

Balance Your Work & Social Life

Unfortunately, we all have to work at least to some degree. Unless you are able to remove yourself from the system entirely, perhaps set up a self-sufficient commune somewhere, you probably lead the kind of life that requires money. What you do in exchange for that money is a huge determiner of your quality of life, and your level of overall happiness. The happiest people, more often than not, have found a good balance between their work and the rest of their lives. Actually, nobody but you can know exactly what a perfect balance look like, as everyone is different and has their own idea. It is all about being honest with yourself, once again, about how much work you think you should be doing and how much is worthwhile. Live as truly to your genuine beliefs and desires as possible – in work and elsewhere – and you will find that you are soon living the life of your dreams, quite literally.

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