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Things to consider when buying childrens winter coats

There’s no denying the weather is changing, we’ve gone from a mild October to snow in Scotland and Northern England. It’s inevitable that it’s going to get colder and wetter as the days and weeks go on so if you’re still looking for winter coats for yourself and your children now is the perfect time to make that purchase before the weather gets worse. One of the most important items of clothing during the winter months is a good winter coat, one which will keep children, warm and dry but which they can still move in and that will give them room to grow.

Finding a coat that offers everything you need can be tricky, there’s a lot of choices out there and knowing which is best can seem impossible but if you consider the points below you should find a coat that meets both your and your child’s needs and keeps them warm and cosy over the coming months.


I love the winter months but not so much the rain that comes with it and there’s nothing worse than being in wet clothes all day. When buying your child’s winter coat it’s worth considering the type of material, do you want a canvas/breathable material or do you want a wax/waterproof material? There are pros and cons to both and what you choose might depend on how much time your child will be spending outdoors. Kids love colourful and bright clothing, especially if it features their favourite character, to buy kids character clothing checkout popgear.


Ah, the age-old dilemma of whether you size up or buy their current size… Do you buy them the size they are now if they’re nearly outgrowing that size or do you size up so they have room to grow? Considering it’s a winter coat you are looking to buy personally I would size up where possible, this will let your child wear layers underneath to keep them warm and also give them some room to grow.


While style is definitely not at the top of the what to consider list for buying your child a winter coat it should be taken into consideration, especially if your child is a tween or teen and style is important to them. You shouldn’t compromise warmth for style as that’s the most important aspect but if you can find a good winter coat that your child likes then that’s great. You could make things easier by picking out a few you are happy with then let them pick from this selection, they will feel like they have a say in it and no matter which coat they pick it will be one you’re happy with. There are a lot of stylish coats available, I saw some lovely kids Canada goose coats which look so warm but also stylish.


Winter coats can be costly and there are many factors that can influence how expensive they are, whether it’s designer, the material used, the size etc. Set a budget and if you’re looking at coats online sort them by cost so you’re not looking at coats that are out of your budget.


This is something you might want to consider before making any decisions on which coat to buy. If your child plays a lot of sports outside for example, will the coat give them enough movement to be able to play the sport? If you’re buying a coat for a young child at school you might want to consider whether a coat has buttons or a zip and if the sleeves offer a snug fit to keep the cold out. It’s also worth checking the hood, many coats have oversized hoods which can restrict a child’s view which is dangerous if they are crossing roads etc.

If you’re not sure where to start your search then take a look at Canada goose coats for kids, you can find a variety of styles, sizes, colours and materials so you’re sure to find the ideal coat there.

What are your top tips for buying a winter coat?

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