Our bathrooms are so much more than simply a place to shower and brush our teeth. If we get them right, they can be our very own at-home spa – a relaxing place to wash away the stresses of the day. Of course, if you have a large family, the bathroom can sometimes be a stressful experience in itself, with a huge queue there every morning and fights about who used the last bit of toothpaste. But by giving your bathroom a makeover, you can create a beautiful and functional space that everyone in your household wants to respect. One innovative way to do this is to harness the power of water. If you’ve been putting up with a feeble trickle of water from your ageing shower head for months now, do something about it! Modern bathrooms now come with many different ways to experience fresh flowing water – here are just some of the ways you can enjoy it in your home.

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Have your home’s plumbing serviced

Many people simply put up with low flowing water, or lukewarm water in their homes without doing anything about it. We all know there isn’t anything quite like a hot shower or bath to help you wind down at the end of the day, so if your water has been letting you down lately, get someone round to look at it. You could have some major problems with your pipes, or maybe your boiler is on its way out. Whatever it is, a good home water system starts at home, with the plumbing. If your system has been good up to now but you have suddenly run out of hot water, or your pressure is particularly low, you may need to call an emergency plumber instead.

Change your bathroom to a wet room

Are you sick of cleaning up water from your bathroom floor, or scraping mold off the grouting in your tiles? Investing in a wet room could be the perfect option for you. Unlike traditional bathrooms, wet rooms are sealed from top to bottom with waterproof boarding. So, the water is stopped from seeping out, whereas in a normal bathroom it would flow away. They are much easier to keep clean, as you can generally use just one product to keep them looking shiny and fresh, Just remember to avoid using electrical products, like hair dryers or electric shavers in there.

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Get a new shower head

If you are only getting a feeble stream of water from your shower AND you’ve had your plumbing looked at, it may be time to switch to a new kind of shower head. This is a market that has hugely expanded in recent years, with waterfall showers and power showers becoming ever more popular. In order to get that luxury hotel bathroom experience, look for a shower head that has a large surface area. You can even find certain showers that enable you to switch between different flows, and some even come with mood-setting LED lighting. Just the way in which your water flows can make a huge difference to your bathroom, so consider changing things up today!

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