So you’ve got your bathroom looking luxurious. What about the rest of the house? We’ve all got a list of the luxuries we would slather on our houses if money weren’t an issue. Of course, it always is, and those things remain dreams. Or do they? Let’s throw caution to the wind and pretend that money doesn’t exist. What would you do to your home if everything was free for a day? It can be fun, sometimes, to completely indulge. It can also give you some surprising ideas about how to achieve those goals in a more affordable way. So, with money out the window, what would you do?


We’ve all felt the shoe struggle. There’s never enough room. They all end up piled on top of each other. The pair we want is always the last one we come across. If you had a room just for shoes, that wouldn’t be a problem. Each pair could have their own shelf. You would never forget about a pair again because they would be right there waiting for you. It doesn’t get much better than that, right?



If you’ve always craved your own personal cinema, now is the time to indulge that fantasy. www.richersounds.com have got your home cinema needs covered. In a way, you could justify this as saving money. After all, you wouldn’t be paying for cinema tickets anymore, right? Sadly, the initial outlay of this one would take quite a long time to pay for itself. Even so, we can dream. A television the size of a wall and blackout blinds. You could even indulge in a popcorn machine if you wanted.


Let’s go all out here. Who doesn’t want a pool in the garden? It may be coming up to winter now, but imagine a scorching hot day, laying by the pool on a lounger. Think of the pool parties! www.swimmingpoolmaintenanceguys.co.uk would even cover all the maintenance, so your pool would be completely hassle free. You could even indulge in a few blow-up sun loungers and float around drinking a cocktail. You would be the envy of all the neighbours.


Talking of floating around with a cocktail, why not jazz your garden up a little with the addition of your very own bar? If you had a bar and a pool, yours would definitely be a garden to die for. You could have an open bar, or you could fill a shed shed with booze. A garden bar is sure to be a great addition. It can be easy to neglect your garden, but a bar would be the perfect excuse to spend time outside. Just think of the parties you could throw. No one would be able to beat you in the entertainment stakes. After you’ve lounged in the pool and had a bit to drink, you could stumble inside and watch a film in your new cinema. That would be the life, wouldn’t it?

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