Have you finalised your Christmas plans? I have to admit I hadn’t given it much thought until recently. I always spend Christmas with family in the UK, we usually head to one house and spend the day together, opening presents, having Christmas dinner and enjoying each other’s company. This year we have yet to make plans and it has left me thinking about what I would love to do over the Christmas period.

I have always wanted to spend Christmas abroad and I know I’m not alone. It’s cold and wet outside and although I don’t mind the weather, it would be nice to spend a week enjoying the sunshine when it’s so dark and dull outside. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending Christmas in the UK and have done every year of my life so far. However, I do daydream about holidaying abroad over the Christmas period and just recently was talking about how lovely it would be to holiday in Australia over the Christmas period.

Realistically, Australia isn’t an option but somewhere a little closer to home would be just as great. Earlier in the year I was looking at holidays and came across last minute cruises. I love the idea of a cruise and think it would be great to visit a lot of different destinations, enjoy all of the onboard entertainment and relax onboard some of the beautiful ships. Although I won’t be heading abroad this Christmas it’s something I will be looking into more for the coming years as I’m determined to have at least one Christmas abroad in the near future.

If you’re lucky enough to be heading off to enjoy a last minute cruise this Christmas you might want to consider the following tips.

  1. Pack a variety of clothes. You will be visiting a lot of different destinations and the weather might be inconsistent. It could be raining in one destination, sunny in another and windy in the next so it’s a good idea to pack for all eventualities. This is one occasion when overpacking is okay.
  2. Choose a cabin to suit your needs. You will notice there’s a huge choice of cabins available onboard the ship, some of the options might include an outside cabin, a balcony cabin, inside cabin and single cabin.
  3. If you get sea sick you will want to have anti-sickness tablets with you. It’s also worth considering taking some with you even if you haven’t been seasick in the past. Better to be safe than sorry as they say.
  4. Remember your medication. If you take medication regularly remember to take them with you. It’s important to check before leaving that the countries you’re visiting don’t have any restrictions on the medication you’re taking with you. In some circumstances, you might need to take a note from your GP with you or you may need other permission.
  5. Turn off data roaming. The good news is, data roaming charges will be banned as of the 15th June 2017 but until then it’s important to turn off data roaming or you might face a huge bill on your return.
  6. Make the most of the onboard entertainment. Some of the cruise ships have climbing walls, surfing machines, casinos, theatre shows and more. Whilst travelling between destinations enjoy as much of the entertainment as you can.

Have you been on a last minute cruise, or are you heading off to enjoy a cruise soon?

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