Tips for Buying Designer Prom Dresses Affordably



In the last few years, the cost of prom has grown, and many teenagers and their families are spending upwards of $700 to $1000 on the entire event. With the cost of tickets, flowers, beauty treatments, and don’t forget the most important part-the designer prom dress. With this kind of money stress, is there a way to keep costs down and still find the dress of your dreams? You bet there is, and we’ll share some insider tips.

  • Buy your dress out of season.  March to May is the peak time to buy in-season prom dresses however after Prom is over, that season’s dresses are deeply discounted. You may find several sites and boutiques have sales on 2016 prom dress styles to soon make room for the new styles.
  • Make a budget and stick to it. Figure out how much you can afford and how much your parents are chipping in, and then stick to looking to dresses in that amount. You won’t feel as frustrated looking at dresses you love but can’t afford.
  • Use those search engines on dress websites. Prom and formal dress websites, including Peaches Boutique include these search engines, where you can search by designer, colour, style, and even price, making it easier to narrow your choices and find your ideal choice. Visit Peaches Boutique for wide selection of trendy prom dresses, including some of last year’s selection on sale and clearance.
  • Consider buying a shorter dress. Since it takes less material to make them, many fit-and-flare, bandage, and cocktail style dresses are more affordable than elaborate floor-length or ball-gown style prom dresses. Designers, such as Sherri Hill, Hannah S, and Blush all feature an array of lovely short prom dresses.
  • Look at classic styles. You can never go prom with an elegant little black dress or other classic shades like red or blue or pink which are hues you can wear to other formal occasions. Dress it up with your accessories instead, such as a sequined purse, glittering jewellery or jewelled shoes.
  • Buy your dress from a reliable store or website. Do your research by reading reviews and examining the site. Even if you want to save money, most designers have a “fixed” price they want their dress sold at, and if it’s way lower and it’s in-season, use caution cause it’s could be a fake. Study this side-by-side comparison of authentic designer dress and its fake counterpart to see what you should look for. This will prevent you from buying a fake and having to spend extra money by purchasing another dress.
  • Wear your dress more than once, especially if you’re attending multiple proms. This often occurs if you need to attend both your date’s and your own prom, and you don’t have enough cash for two dresses.

You won’t remember how much you spent on your prom dress when you look at those photos years from now. But you will remember how much fun you had in that dress.

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    February 20, 2018 at 8:33 pm

    I actually purchase my daughters prom dress from peaches boutique in-store. The dress was beautiful and the price was not bad either.

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