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Tips for Creating a Relaxing Bedroom and Getting a Better Night’s Sleep

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, in fact, we spend a third of our lives sleeping so having a bedroom which is set up to create a relaxed environment is important. I recently undertook the challenge of creating a more relaxing bedroom, and although I’m not finished yet it has definitely made it a room I enjoy using more.

Creating a good sleeping environment can be as simple as reducing clutter so your mind can relax, repainting bright walls to a more calming colour or perhaps replacing your mattress if you’re due for an upgrade. If you’re looking for tips on creating a more relaxed bedroom for better sleep, I have shared some tips below which should help.

Clear out the clutter

Our bedrooms can often become a dumping ground for clutter and it’s easy to tell yourself you’ll sort that pile of clothes later or move those boxes to the garage tomorrow. If this sounds true of your bedroom and you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep those boxes and piles of clothes could be the reason. If you’re trying to relax in a room which reminds you of all of the jobs you still need to do, your mind won’t be able to relax and destress as it should. Start by clearing out unwanted and unused items to give yourself more space for other things, Try to get in the habit of putting things in their place after using them (I’m still working on this) and try to keep a clean and clutter free Bedroom as much as possible.

Make the bedroom technology free

Have you ever climbed into bed, picked up your mobile phone and told yourself you’ll have a quick look on Facebook or watch a short video on Youtube only to look at the clock and realise you’ve been scrolling for over an hour? It’s so easy to do and something I have done on many an occasion which is why I now leave my phone in the living room. I have a house phone if anybody needs to get in contact with me urgently and I am now grabbing a book and reading rather than aimlessly scrolling. There might be circumstances where you need your phone nearby but at the very least it’s recommended to stop using your phone 60 to 90 minutes before bed to let your mind wind down and relax.

Relax your senses

Add a few items to your room which will benefit you and help you unwind after a long day. If you find you’re waking up with due to light pollution it might be worth investing in a blackout blind/curtains to reduce light coming into your bedroom. If you enjoy reading at night rather than using the main light why not use a small lamp to let you read but also help you relax. You could add oil diffusers, USB diffusers or a few candles to your bedroom to create a lovely fragrance when you walk into your room, you can purchase essential oils specifically to encourage relaxation.

Pick a calming colour scheme

Choosing a colour scheme for your bedroom might prove difficult (especially if you’re indecisive like me) but there are a lot of great resources online to help. One place I always find useful when looking for not only colour schemes but decor ideas is Pinterest, the ideas are almost endless and you’re sure to find some ideas you can utilise and used in your bedroom. Try to stay away from bright colours and loud patterns and instead opt for muted tones and calming colours. Calming doesn’t have to be boring or plain, why not opt for a lovely grey which is calming and on trend, or you could try a lovely lavender, pale pink or how about some pastel shades?

Invest in a good mattress

There’s no getting away from the fact that mattresses can be expensive but a good mattress is definitely somewhere to invest your money when you’re looking for a new one. When it’s time to get a new mattress take a trip to somewhere you can look at the different types of mattresses (there are a lot!) and maybe even try them out to see which you prefer. Although mattresses are expensive The Sleep Council helped break it down and I was actually quite shocked. The Sleep Council estimates the average adult to get 2,372.5 hours of sleep annually if you spend £1,000 on a new mattress and keep it for the recommended 7 years, that’s equivalent to 40p a night or 6p an hour! When it’s broken down like that it doesn’t seem quite so bad and as we spend a third of our lives sleeping it’s definitely a good place to make an investment.

Add texture

A sure-fire way to create a cosy and relaxing environment is to create an area which looks welcoming, warm and comfortable. Simple touches such as adding a blanket for relaxing on your bed and some stylish scatter cushions will make your bed more inviting and cosy creating a relaxed atmosphere and in turn a restful environment.

If you have any tips for creating a relaxing bedroom or getting a good night’s sleep I would love to hear them.

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