Tips For Preparing Your Garden For Spring

One area of our home that can often be overlooked and neglected over the winter months is the garden. It’s easy to forget about it when we’re not spending time outdoors over winter but doing a few simple jobs in the runup to spring can result in a lovely garden for the upcoming season.

You might think you have plenty of time left but in reality, there are just over 2 months left until the start of Spring, not a great deal of time in the world of gardening.

Prepare your lawn
It’s important not to cut grass too short before winter sets in, before winter you simply want to tidy the lawn, cutting it too short could result in it dying over winter. Grass has to endure a lot over the colder months so it’s not uncommon to have to give it some TLC when spring arrives. You might find you have to repair some areas that have been damaged or lay grass seeds on patchy areas. If your grass is in dire shape or you want to keep maintenance to a minimum then why not look at artificial grass for your garden, it looks great, it’s low maintenance, pet-friendly, child-friendly and durable.

Clear your garden
Over the winter months, gardens take the brunt of the weather and as a result, they can become clogged with branches, leaves and other debris which can clog drains and damage your garden plants and features. Now that the leaves have all fallen from the trees it’s an ideal time to clear any debris from your garden to make it look clean and tidy ready for the new season.

Give your tools the once over
Chances are your garden tools haven’t been used over the winter months so it’s a good idea to check all of your tools before spring arrives and you start working on your garden. Maintaining your tools will help them last longer and ensure they give you the best results.

Clean your greenhouse
If you have a greenhouse and you will be using it to grow plants over the coming months then remember to give it a clean prior to the upcoming planting season. Using a garden disinfectant both inside and out will reduce the chances of young plants picking up any diseases which can linger in the greenhouse over the winter months when it’s not being used regularly.

Clean your patio and paving
If you have a power washer then why not give your patio and paving a spring clean this year, it’s amazing the difference a quick blast with the pressure washer can have on how your garden looks. It can bring old paving back to life and make your garden look new again. It’s also a good opportunity to give your conservatory some TLC, don’t use a power washer on your conservatory or you could damage the glass.

Create a compost pile
If you have space in your garden why not create a compost pile, you can do this using a few old pieces of wood or you could buy a compost bin. Your garden waste can soon become garden gold. Add garden and food waste to your compost heap and ensure it’s turned regularly to aerate it and you will have some great compost for your garden.

Get planting

Spring is the perfect time to start planning your garden schedule for the coming year. It’s important you do your research and know when the optimum planting time is for the flowers, trees and other plants you wish to add to your garden this coming year. You could keep it simple with a few potted plants, add an olive tree or two from Olive Grove or add a selection of shrubs. You could even go all out and have a whole selection of fruit-bearing trees which you can enjoy for years to come.

I hope the above tips will help you get ahead for the spring season. If you have any tried and tested gardening tips I would love to hear them.

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