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Tips for preparing your home for winter

Brr. I have been trying to hold off putting the heating on but I finally gave in and put it on for a little while. I don’t intend to have it on all the time yet and hopefully, I will get away with only using it on those chilly days until winter really sets in but there’s no denying the weather is starting to change.

I love the autumn and winter months, there’s no denying the autumnal colours in nature are beautiful, there’s also Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas, snow, sledging and New Year to look forward to. It’s a busy time of year and most of us enjoy the change in the season after a nice long summer which we have been lucky to enjoy this year in the UK. With the nights drawing in and the weather changing it’s time to start thinking about preparing our homes for the winter months to ensure we have no issues and can sit back and enjoy the festivities. If you haven’t thought about getting your home ready for the big chill or you’re not sure what to do then keep reading, below I have shared my tips on preparing your home for winter.

Check your central heating

Most of us don’t use our central heating systems over the summer months but when the nights start getting darker and the cold sets in we all crank up the heating to keep our homes warm. If you haven’t checked your central heating over the summer then do that as soon as possible so you can check if it’s working as it should. If you find any problems you can get it fixed before the weather gets cold, there’s nothing worse than having no heating when it’s cold outside. Also, check your radiators are getting hot, if they aren’t heating up fully then you should bleed your radiators which should get rid of any air trapped in the system and they will heat up fully.

Examine your exterior

The exterior of your house should be given the once over before winter arrives to ensure everything is looking okay. When winter arrives and brings with it rain, sleet and snow you need to ensure your guttering is free from any debris which could cause a blockage and result in a leak within your home. Giving your gutters a quick clear before the bad weather arrives will hopefully mean no unexpected leaks over winter.

You should also check your windows for any damage such as cracks or chips which could worsen over the winter. If you find any cracks or chips you should consider replacing your windows to ensure that you don’t have any issues over the colder months. If you notice an issue with your windows and don’t fix it quickly this could invalidate your insurance claim so it’s important to keep on top of any repairs.

Prepare your garden

Our gardens get a lot of use and TLC during the warmer months but during the colder, wetter months they often become neglected and overlooked which can result in a lot of work to get it back to it’s best the following year. If you prep your garden for autumn and winter then come spring time you will have an easy job to get it back looking it’s best. Preparing your garden for winter isn’t as bad as it sounds… give your grass a final trim (not too short or it could suffer from the frost), check your fencing/gate are secure, clear any fallen leaves and secure any garden furniture or put it in storage over winter. Taking these steps will help minimise your work come springtime. If you’re not sure where to start you could consider hiring someone in garden service who could tidy up your garden and prepare it for the coming months.

Consider loft and cavity wall insulation

If your home doesn’t have adequate insulation then you could find yourself paying a lot more for your heating. A lot of heat is lost through our roofs so if you have very little loft insulation it’s worth considering getting more and ensuring it is adequately insulated, this will cost you initially but over the long term it will help reduce your energy bills and make your home more energy efficient. You could also consider cavity wall insulation which will also help make your home more energy efficient, reduce your bills and keep your home feeling warm during the colder months. This will also cost initially but you will feel the benefit in the long run with reduced energy bills, there are also government schemes available which could help with the cost.

Will you be preparing your home for winter? Do you have any tips to share?

*This is a collaborative post

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    October 2, 2018 at 5:17 pm

    Great post, Lindy – and definitely a very relevant one with the drop in temperature we’ve had recently. I can definitely feel winter coming! I also recommend having a boiler/central service heating before the really cold weather hits because you definitely don’t want to be caught short in December or January.

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