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How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Gift for a Teenage Girl

Getting a Christmas present for a teenage girl can be extremely difficult. It all depends on what’s ‘in’, whether they’re concerned with what’s ‘in’, and what’s definitely ‘out’.

The difficulty will also be inevitably amped up if you’re buying for a teenage girl that you don’t know very well, a distant family member, or friend’s daughter, perhaps. However, we’ve compiled a few handy tips to help you along the way.

Get to know their personality as much as possible

Whilst stereotypical teenage girls will be happy with most things on the market, it’s vital to remember that stereotypes don’t fit everyone, and they’re forever changing anyway. Aim to find out her main hobbies, interests, likes and don’t forget the dislikes so you know what to avoid. If this isn’t possible or very easy, it may be best to stick to something fairly generic and suitable for most ages. Check out sites with suggestions for Christmas presents for her, like Getting Personal to choose something safe that any female will appreciate.

Get to know their gadgets

Find out whether they’re into having the latest iPod/phone/laptop, and think about accessories you could get them for the thing they can’t live without. Personalised phone covers, unique earphones and iPod docks are all great choices that gadget-conscious teenage girls will love.

Don’t be afraid to go for something unusual

Chances are that the teenage girl you’re buying for will really appreciate something individual, and specific to her. Picking just any old thing off the shelf won’t fill them with much enthusiasm. If you know her well, or are feeling particularly brave, get creative and choose something with a little more edge and substance. Scratch maps, fisheye lens cameras, and experience days are all good examples of gifts with a difference. She’ll really appreciate the thought you’ll have put into it, and take pride in telling all her friends about it.

Choose something for their room

If you’re bored of the usual makeup, jewellery and bath sets options, why not choose something for their bedroom? A teenage girl’s bedroom is her sanctuary, and she will be grateful of things that will help improve her space. Go for anything from cushions, throws, ornaments, photo frames or jewellery holders. Another advantage of this choice is that you only really need to find out her colour scheme of her bedroom.

Appeal to her sweet tooth

High on every teenage girl’s wish list is more than likely their body weight in chocolate. This can be a really good, easy option, but make sure you find something that’s not too regular or boring. Check out chocolate pizzas, retro sweets and hot chocolate fondue kits to ignite her taste buds and interest. It may also be a good idea to check whether there’s anything she’s not so keen on eating when going for this option.

Aim to put a smile on her face

Perfect if you have a close relationship with your recipient, consider going for a novelty, fun item. Giving her something funny will not only provide a fun experience on Christmas day, but it will also create great memories. You could get her a novelty gift to go with her original present, too. Good ideas of novelty gifts include humorous mugs, personalised comedy prints and character slippers.

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