Tips To Get Your Car Ready For Summer

With the snow thawing and life getting back to normal we can look forward to the warmer spring and summer months. The 1st of March brought the official start of spring and before we know it we’ll be moving into the summer months and looking forward to trips away enjoying the warmer weather. With travel during the summer months at its peak, it’s important to check your car is ready and will get you to your destination safely.

Whether you’re planning a road trip, days out or you’ll be driving short distances it’s important your car is able to get you from a to b without any issues. There are some problems you won’t be able to avoid such as an unexpected breakdown but there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of any issues with your car this summer. If you follow the tips below your car should be summer ready in no time at all.

Book your MOT

If your car is due its MOT make sure you book it in, especially if you’re due to go on a long road trip in the near future. You can schedule your MOT test with KAP Motor group from the comfort of your home. Although a bill before your holiday isn’t ideal, it’s better than the alternative.

Check your tyres

Now that the spring and summer months are fast approaching it’s time to check your tyres, this is especially important before heading off on a long journey. Check your tyres for signs of wear and tear, also make sure your tread is within the allowed range.

At this point, you should also check tyre pressure and top up if needed, don’t forget to check the spare too. Remember to adjust your tyre pressure according to your load, if you’re going on holiday with a full car you will probably need to adjust your tyre pressure, always check your user manual for the correct pressure readings.

Change your wiper blades and screen wash

Something that can often be overlooked is your wiper blades. During the colder months, they can become worn and damaged so it’s imperative to check their condition regularly and replace them if required. Most wiper blades are designed to last around a year so if yours are older than this be sure to check them thoroughly. Replacing them is relatively simple and is something you should be able to do yourself.

Check your AC and replace the air filters

During the spring and summer months, you will be using your air conditioning a lot and it’s not something you want to stop working on you so checking your ac before the summer months roll around is a good idea. To check your ac start your car and turn on the air conditioning to high, make sure the air is coming through the vents on the dashboard. If your ac is working correctly the air flow should be uninterrupted and should feel cold.

As you will be using your ac more during the next few months you might want to check your air filter, the last thing you want is to be using a dirty filter. Check your air filter for dirt and debris and change it if necessary. If you’re not sure where your air filter is located refer to your user manual.

Check fluid levels

It’s important to regularly check the levels of fluid in your car including, oil, coolant, brake fluid, and screen wash. You would be surprised at how often lack of fluids has been the cause of a car breakdown or problem. Simply checking the levels and topping them up if required could save you a lot of hassle and money.

Wash and wax

The winter months can be hard on your car’s exterior with mud, rain and grit being churned up from the road and coating your car. Now is the perfect time to give it a spring clean and remove all of the dirt and grime that has accumulated over the winter months.

If you’re planning a road trip this summer then why not take a look at my holiday car checklist where you can find tips on preparing your car for a long road trip.

I hope the above tips have been helpful and you’re now ready to hit the road and do some exploring this summer. If you’re heading to Europe then you can discover more summer driving tips at Auto Protect and on the helpful infographic below.

How do you make sure your car is ready for the summer months

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