To Buy or Not to Buy?

You might remember me blogging about Maxx’s bike riding troubles. He was finding it extremely difficult to make the bike move and was getting frustrated and giving up.

Today I decided to take him out for some fresh air, thankfully his chicken pox have all scabbed over now! I decided to take off his stabilisers and see if he could walk/glide with the bike to get his balance. Unfortunately the bike is too heavy for him to be able to hold straight himself.

Instead I held onto his handlebars and he pedaled and tried to steer. He has a bad habit of looking everywhere else but where he’s going so tends to crash quite a lot which he thinks is very funny. He really enjoyed being out on his bike and his confidence seemed to soar, he seemed a lot happier and rather than wanting to go home and giving up he didn’t want to get off the bike.

I was recently introduced to FirstBIKE a multi-award winning balance bike which is fast becoming a big hit in Europe. It is a super light training bike for developing your child’s sense of balance and motor skills.

Since finding out about FirstBIKE I have been thinking about getting him a balance bike. I think it would help him get his balance and when he has mastered balancing I think then is the right time to move him on to his normal bike.

It would be interesting to see if it does help Maxx learn to ride a normal bike. I keep wondering if it’s me and I’m just being impatient after all I learnt to ride without a balance bike it just takes time but on the other hand if there is a product that will make his learning easier then surely that can only be a good thing.

So the question is To Buy or Not to Buy?

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