Top 4 Destinations for Beach Lovers

There is something extremely relaxing and alluring about a beach holiday. Maybe it is the warm sands, the gentle sound of the waves lapping the shore, and the opportunity to do different activities that are suitable for any age. So, if you fancy yourself surfing or scuba diving, taking long strolls along the shoreline, building sandcastles, or simply sipping a cool drink under the shade of your parasol, then a beach holiday is a must. Here is a guide to top four destinations for beach lovers. 

Cape Town, South Africa 

Cape Town is located on the southwest coast of South Africa and is home to a number of stunning sandy beaches. Boulders beach, like its name, is made up of small sandy inlets that are sheltered between granite boulders and is perfect if you like a little privacy while you sunbathe. 

Camp Bay Beach is another hotspot in Cape Town, where you can enjoy the white sands as well as having all local amenities nearby, such as restaurants and cafes, and you can also enjoy the mountain views in the background. 

Biarritz, France 

Beaches in the Bay of Biscay are all worthy of a visit, yet if you like surfing, then go to the beaches of Biarritz. This west coast town is where you’ll find sandy beaches with rocky cliffs, as well as many places to get a bit to eat or drink.  

Le Grande Plage is closest to the town and is the place to go for surfers, and the sunset views are also stunning. There are also plenty of options for dining. If you prefer a more relaxed vibe, then head for one of the quieter beaches such as Plage Port Vieux, a sheltered cove that is situated near the old town. 

Balearic Islands, Spain 

The Balearic Islands are a group of three that are just of the eastern coast of Spain and include the party island of Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera. If you like scenic views, then the Balearic Islands have it all. Rocky outcrops, white sandy beaches, and blue sea stretching out for miles. 

For a family friendly beach, head for Mallorca’s Cala Comtessa, where the water is calm and shallow. Or, if you like to get away from all the trappings of a beach resort, or are feeling adventurous, go to Cala Varques, a sandy beach that is only accessible by boat or foot. It also has a network of caves to explore – perfect for curious kids. 

If you like nature, the Menorca’s Es Grau is a beach where you can stroll among the sand dunes and look out for wildlife, as well as doing a spot of snorkelling. 

There is a lot to see in the Balearics, and it is so much more than the party place it has become known for. So, if you want a beach holiday, why not look for villas in Balearic Islands and see a different side to this beautiful part of the world? 

Florida, USA 

Florida is known as ‘the sunshine state,’ and along with the warm weather, you can enjoy some great beaches.  

Pompano Beach is known as the heart of the Golf Coast and is a great place to go if you like diving and snorkelling. There are 18 shipwrecks in the area that you can dive to explore, as well as looking at the marine life on the coral reefs. For families, Pompano Beach has plenty to offer, such as room for sandcastles and beach barbeques. 

If you like all the comforts of the city, the head for Miami’s South Beach where you can lay on white sands, but you also have all the convenience of the city a short walk away. 

The Keys is considered the Southern-most city in the US, and it has some fantastic beaches. The largest is Smathers Beach, a two-mile-long stretch of golden sand and calm water, making it a great place for families with small children. If you are looking to bring a four-legged friend with you on your trip, then Dog Beach is a destination where you and your dog can enjoy the sand and surf. 

A beach holiday is a time when you can slow the pace of life, get away from all your stresses and strains, and spend some quality time with those you care about in postcard-perfect surroundings. The good thing about beach holidays is that you don’t need much to be able to enjoy yourself. So grab your swimwear, a towel, a few snack and drinks, and head to one of these top beach destinations.

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