Top Ideas For Funky Twists On Summer Party Foods

Planning summer get-togethers can be stressful – not only can the number of people invited quickly get out of hand, but even planning can get the better of even the most experienced hostess. It can also be difficult to think of fun and unique summer party foods, so here’s my top suggestions for treats that will not only save you time in the kitchen, but ensure your guests talk about your barbecues for years to come.

1. Shrink it down

Cooking burgers and hotdogs to order on the day might seem like standard practice, but it’s far from practical and means you’ll rarely leave the kitchen. Opt for cute sliders instead – an array of miniature hotdogs and burgers will allow you to be more creative with fillings, as well as giving people the chance to try lots of different flavours without over-facing them. Plus, you’ll be able to prepare all of this well in advance, so you can spend more time enjoying yourself.

2. Super-size it

On the other hand, why not think bigger than just a barbecue? Summer parties are for socialising, so the cookery station should be the centre of attention for your guests. Why not create a feature and talking point by hiring a hog roast machine from somewhere like These are particularly useful if you’ve got a large party attending, as they’re easy to operate, can feed everyone at once, and can be rented for very affordable prices. Your event-planning will be the talk of the town from now on.

3. Fruit jellies

Jelly is often thought of as a child’s dessert, but it’s such a versatile food and has loads of potential for creativity. The latest quirky trend is to create jellies that look like fruits themselves by re-using the rind or skin. For example, instead of just serving chunks of watermelon, cut one in half, hollow it out and then either add the flesh to a jelly mix before pouring it back into the original rind, or replace the flesh with a different flavour, like strawberry, to match the natural colour. These are then left to set and can be prepared days in advance. Your guests will be wowed by these cool treats, and you can replicate this idea for any kind of fruit.

4. Dessert kebabs and lollies

Finally, pre-made desserts don’t have to be boring. Funky lollies and dessert kebabs made with fresh fruit and marshmallows, can be a great way of keeping guests happy while you relax. You could hire a chocolate fountain for guests to dip their kebabs in, and if you make these the night before the fruit should stay perfectly fresh. You could also set adult ice lollies like orange and raspberry sangria or gin and tonic, weeks in advance of needing them, and for the kids how about nutritious fruit smoothie bars?

If you’d like more cool ideas for party food click here. Do you have any unusual summer party recipes?

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