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Top Interior Trends You Can Easily Replicate At Home

Everyone wants their living space to rival those glossy photographs we all see on Pinterest. Even though we secretly know that they were designed by interior experts, we still strive to re-create those stunning settings in our own home, and luckily those don’t have to come with a huge price tag anymore. In today’s post, we’ve brought you the top interior design trends that are easy to replicate in your own house.

Funky floors

Whether woods, stone or tiles are your fancy, there’s a different flooring design you could go for in every room in your house. In the kitchen, for example, create that rustic pantry feel with over-sized stone tiles, while over in your living room, you might want to give those floorboards a spruce up by adding flooring features such as thread-bare rugs, or ones with a deep pile in a bold shade of your favourite colour. In the bathroom however, it’s all about patterned tiles against plain walls. It doesn’t have to cost you thousands either if you shop around – for example, Better Bathrooms do regular product discount codes, and they currently have one on tile ranges.

The colour of money

Although this colour symbolises wealth, thankfully it won’t cost you a pretty penny to install. Whether it’s a vivid cheery shade or a deep emerald, green is the colour that’s hugely fashionable right now, so be creative about how you could include it. In the living room, you could paint a statement wall and then use plenty of large plants in the same colour to carry it through into the rest of the room. Or, if you don’t want to change the walls too much, simply pick up a vibrant shade of green in your accessories, from cushions to vases and lamps.

Engaging the senses

Whether you want to rest and relax or make a room feel fresh and rejuvenating, your living space should awaken your senses and provide a stimulating environment. That’s why interior designers from around the world are pointing to texture as the next must-have in every home. For example, in your family space, use a lot of dark woods in the furniture, as well as plush cushions and curtains for warmth, and fresh cut flowers for the scent – every element should create a different physical response.

Celebrating differences

People are embracing their own individuality in a lot of ways these days, but this search for uniqueness is finally feeding into the realms of interior design. Gone are the mass-produced items that people used to fill their homes with, and it’s in with either the up-cycling of antique originals, or the use of master craftsman who are able to provide artisanal, bespoke pieces to suit you’re living environment. Whether you want to create your own pieces with items in your home that have lost their lustre, or you want to seek out a professional, this trend is all about putting personality back into your space.

What’s your favourite interior trend right now

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